Apple may let you swap your new iPad 3 for an even newer 4th generation model

“Apple has upset many of its fans by introducing the fourth generation iPad, only seven months into the life of the third-generation model. Help is at hand if you’ve only just bought one though, as Apple may offer you an exchange,” Andy Boxall reports for Digital Trends.

“Apple has annoyed a lot of people by updating its third generation iPad to the fourth generation model at yesterday’s new product packed event, despite the only real differences being a new processor and the Lightning connector,” Boxall reports. “The word ‘obsolete’ — which means out-of-date or an old-fashioned design and/or features — has been laughably attached to the iPad 3, particularly by those who’ve just purchased one, however it must be grating to find out a newer model will hit the shelves very soon.”

Boxall reports, “There are a few ways you may be able to swap your new iPad for an even newer iPad, or the iPad Mini if you’re so inclined. Apple operates a 14-day return system in most countries, so if your tablet is less than two-weeks old, head back to Apple for a refund or an exchange. This shouldn’t be a problem provided the tablet’s in as-new condition, you’ve got the receipt, and that it originally came from an Apple Store. CNET is also reporting that some Apple Stores are extending this grace period to 30-days…”

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  1. Bought one about 2 months ago. I’m not pissed that they updated. Actually I thought it was a bold move and really sets the cat amongst the pigeons.
    The 2 week window is standard for apple.

  2. For the changes that were made why bother… The connector change was for Apples benefit and as for the processor bump ….my iPad 3 is fast enough for me ….. So I see no reason to be upset or upgrade.

    1. Oh, just stop with the “Apple only changed the connector to make money” bullshit. The connector tech was 10 years old. They updated it to improve it. The actual money is in the tablet/iPhone/iPod. They are not raking in money from accessories.

      1. actually… there is a higher profit margin on accessories than probably any other part of the phone. They sell the cable for $30… which I just bought 2 of them recently… Combined with their discount bulk orders.. it cost little to make.. and by little I mean like under $2 per cable. Their previous 30 pin cable you could get a 3rd party one for $3… so for apple.. they make atleast 95% profit on the cable alone.

  3. Love my iPad 3 bought when they first came out. Haven’t noticed any speed issues and it still used the older connector for which I have many cables. I’m good. But does this mean we won’t see an iPad 5 until a year from now or 6 months from now?

    1. My guess is that it will be about a year for the next combined iPad/iPad mini release. With the switch to the A6X processor in the iPad (4) in addition to the connector, it was actually a substantial interim upgrade.

  4. Isn’t the wi-fi greatly improved too? According to Apple twice as fast.

    I am a little irked this update and discontinuation has happened so soon (less then 6 months). That would be nice and create goodwill if Apple implemented some rebate for those to trade up. I historically been happy with all my Apple computer purchases for 5-10 years. 3 years on iPhones. Already regretting the iPad buy.

    Gazelle will buy for half what you paid. So essentially I will lose $300 to upgrade.

  5. Bought my 3rd gen iPad in July and, while I wasn’t expecting such a fast refresh and would like the bump in speed, that is how tech works. I am considering selling my 3rd gen and buying, but that’s not Apple’s responsibility.

  6. I’m just happy with my iPad 3, camera connection kit and a working MIDI connection to my piano.
    Lightning camera connection kit is still to be released, likely more expensive and still waiting to see if the MIDI connection still works.
    Therefore, no upgrade for me for the next x months. And I won’t even complain about it.
    Clearly when Apple increases the refresh cycles, they hope that people upgrade faster. This is a great business model, but sorry I won’t bite.

  7. Disappointing, i became an avid supporter, have all the Apple toys, 30 days grace? Thats rubbish! I bought a ipad 2nd gen in December,3rd Gen in May! So Apple have lost another great client, as it is we overpay for the putride service in South Africa that Apple provide, and now this, hope many follow suit.

    1. Car dealerships do the exact same thing… you can now buy a 2013 car.. while in 2012. They don’t tell people.. hey guess what.. we are releasing the new car next month so don’t buy any of the 2012 ones yet.. so you can get the most value of your purchase. A real fan of apple would be watching the site that specifically shows the life cycle of products… YOU should know apple releases a new iphone, ipod and ipad all within 1 year of their last release. Seeing that you are on here you must follow Apple at a semi regular rate… you should know better. Thats like someone buying a new iphone in july.. almost everyone knows when the new one comes out… and everyone knows new ipods come out shortly after as well.

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