“Numerous sellers found in the AppleInsider Mac Price Guide are currently out of stock of the Mac mini,” AppleInsider reports.

“Specifically, for the 2.3-gigahertz model, stock-outs are seen at Amazon, MacConnection, and J&R, while the 2.5-gigahertz option is unavailable at Amazon, MacMall, MacConnection and J&R,” AppleInsider reports. “Supply of the Mac mini Server with a 2-gigahertz Core i7 process is also running dry, as Amazon advertised as of Monday that it only has a few units left in stock, while MacMall and MacConnection are currently sold out.”

AppleInsider reports, “Apple last updated the Mac mini in July of 2011, adding support for the high-speed Thunderbolt port while ditching the built-in optical disc drive that had been found on previous models. The current Mac mini lineup starts at $599 and features Intel’s previous-generation Sandy Bridge processors.”

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