9 reasons Apple stock will hit new all-time highs, again

“Apple, Inc. (AAPL) shares have been on the defensive lately due to a combination of converging factors: iPhone 5 supply shortages, reports of Foxconn quality control workers’ strike and problems with Apple’s Maps,” Bachar Samawi writes for Seeking Alpha. “After having recorded a new all time high of $705.07 on September 21, 2012, Apple shares have dropped by as much as 8.04% to close $652.59 on October 5, 2012.”

“Some analysts claim that such close below Apple’s 50-day moving average of $656.69 could lead to further declines,” Samawi writes. “For any company other than Apple, such factors could be viewed as having resulted in a perfect storm which may have lasting reputation and performance damage. However, in the case of Apple, we can find no less than 9 reasons why such factors add up to nothing but a mere passing cloud, with possible long term benefits, which will ultimately lead Apple shares to record new highs.”

9 reasons Apple stock will hit new all-time highs:

1. Apple often defies Bearish Technical Indicators
2. Valuation
3. Expanding P/E ratios
4. U.S. Dollar depreciation
5. iPhone 5
6. iPad mini
7. Margin retention
8. Supplier diversification
9. Status symbol

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Arline M.” for the heads up.]


  1. This man writes for Alpha. He is truly an amateur. Always do your own research. That way you don’t have to complain about others on a bad day. After all, it’s your money don’t you want to be responsible for it? And always remember that what goes up goes down at some point. Be prepared for that day. Take profits when you can. It’s why you invest your money.

      1. Excellent point. As you well understand, all stories about Apple are not positive. Nor should they be. I respect MDN for reprinting all stories about Apple. It’s news, some is good and some is not. Those who only want stories that glorify everything Apple does should write their own stories on a sheet of paper and then read it back to them self.

      1. No Way Gary. IPad Mini and Back to School earnings released on Oct. 25th. I’ll be buying half my calls at 630 tomorrow and the other half if it hits 595. The only way it drops further is if we have a total market meltdown, which isn’t out of the question but highly unlikely. Dec. 6th the Judge hands Apple another 3 Billion and bans all Samsung Devices from the US. That’ll be worth 50 points if not more.

        1. Steve its AAPL’s quarterly earnings announced October 25. I would hold off buying early tomorrow morning as the stock may have further to drop. Technicals say it could hit 575. Ouch! I’d go out as far as possible on my options if I were you, fourth quarters earnings might be disappointing. And as you understand, it’s what the street thinks not the folks who post on this site. 6:30 AM, you must be on the Best Coast? The 3 billion may or may not ever materialize as is the case with the Samsung ban. So don’t count on that being a factor going forward. I’m with you, I don’t think we will have a market meltdown but it’s possible the way things look. But Apple moves independently from the market. The market can go up but if Apple is in a tailspin it will continue to go down. And it doesn’t look good today. I’m guessing that it has further to drop. I hope not because I’m ready for a rebound but I don’t think so. At least not for a while. Apple needs some good news and it needs the iPad mini. But the iPad mini is a ways off yet. Be careful with those calls and make sure you go way, way out if you can. Buy in slowly and keep one eye on the ticker. I’m afraid I feel more downside before earnings. After earnings it should be off to the races. This has however been an unusually cruel but predictable drop in Apple. Happens all the time but can be nasty for those people who can’t remember all the other drops at earnings and product launches. Had to know it was coming.

        1. The earnings report coming on 25 October will be for the fourth quarter earnings. Not sure how that one is going to turn out? I mean they will certainly sell a lot of product but will it meet what the street is calling for? And that’s all that matters. The earnings reported in January 2013 will be for the first quarter. It should be a blowout quarter for Apple. They should kick some serious ass! I’ll absolutely bet on that one. Even give a odds. That’s about as close to a sure thing you will ever run into.

    1. Edward,

      You need to stop suffering from diarrhea of the mouth. It comes from putting your foot in it too often. Momma should have taught you to keep your trap shut. It leads to less humiliation.

  2. How many times does Apple have to do this type of pullback before people learn? Anywhere near 630 is a great buy. Even if it dips below 600 in the next 3 weeks you still clean up early next year. If you try to catch the bottom you will most likely miss an opportunity. Thats what happened to me after the 3rd quarter earnings. I could have bought at 575 but was waiting for 550 and ended up missing a 100+ point move.

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