Mac mini supply drying up, could signal Ivy Bridge update

“Numerous sellers found in the AppleInsider Mac Price Guide are currently out of stock of the Mac mini,” AppleInsider reports.

“Specifically, for the 2.3-gigahertz model, stock-outs are seen at Amazon, MacConnection, and J&R, while the 2.5-gigahertz option is unavailable at Amazon, MacMall, MacConnection and J&R,” AppleInsider reports. “Supply of the Mac mini Server with a 2-gigahertz Core i7 process is also running dry, as Amazon advertised as of Monday that it only has a few units left in stock, while MacMall and MacConnection are currently sold out.”

AppleInsider reports, “Apple last updated the Mac mini in July of 2011, adding support for the high-speed Thunderbolt port while ditching the built-in optical disc drive that had been found on previous models. The current Mac mini lineup starts at $599 and features Intel’s previous-generation Sandy Bridge processors.”

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  1. I Love the Mac Mini. As A server or as a stand alone with a nice monitor. I own 4, I’ve given away a couple to introduce people to apple, and they love them. Hope they update it soon, I’ll be a buyer. Beats any wintel machine I ever built and it’s priced right. Who need a big hunkin A-Style wintel box when you can have a Mac Mini that blows the doors off any wintel machine.

    1. Even a crap Psystar system outperformed a Mac mini when they were available. You can certainly build much higher end PC’s.

      That being said, I still think the Mac minis are good value. Quiet, well designed, power effiecient etc. but blow the doors off any wintel Machine… I don’t think so.

    2. Wanna give one away to me. I don’t have any macs yet, but have been wanting to make the jump for awhile now. I have been thinking a Mac mini would be a good place to start for someone like me.

    1. Most windows games that is….

      I don’t need that photorealistic look. If I want to play games I use my XBox. But if I want to experience a superb computing environment for such activities as watching movies, browsing the web securely, or email I use one of my many macs. I love my iMac the most. It does everything I ask it to do. But I don’t ask it to play games.

  2. I don’t care about the iphone 5. My 4s is working fine. I don’t care about the iPad Mini. My ipads 2 are all that I need. But when are the new iMac’s coming. I want to replace my Windows 7 PC. The upgrade of the imac’s is long overdue.

  3. So the first Ivy Bridge desktop machine to ship is the Mac mini and that is six months after Ivy Bridge chips of the Mac mini class started shipping from Intel.

    Is there any doubt in *anyone’s* mind that Apple has all but abandoned the desktop?

    Maybe they haven’t. Maybe they are going to skip Ivy Bridge and jump to Haswell for the iMac and Mac Pro. Somehow I doubt it. Apple will ship some sorry “better late than never” Sandy Bridge iMacs and Mac Pros in the next six to nine months while the rest of the world gets Haswell.

    I’m hopeful, but because Apple has given no one any reason to hope, I’m very cynical over this.

    1. The iMacs and Mac Minis are most likely late adopting these CPUs due to issues integrating them into the products. Intel chips are notorious for getting hot. I have heard it caused grief for Apple products in the past.

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