“There is no company on Earth that knows how to spin a negative story into good positive vibes better than Apple (AAPL), and the company did it again on Friday,” Chris Ciaccia writes for TheStreet. “Apple CEO Tim Cook released a letter on the company’s Web site, apologizing for the poor mapping application the company released as part of iOS 6, its latest mobile operating system.”

“Not only does Cook pull a page out of Steve Jobs’ playbook by apologizing (Jobs apologized for the iPhone pricing debacle), but he even mentions other mapping apps, such as Google’s, Microsoft’s Bing, and even Nokia,” Ciaccia writes. “For the CEO of the most powerful tech company in the world to come out and apologize for a piece of software, then mention his competitors’ products, is a sign of humbleness and an incredibly powerful statement.”

Ciaccia writes, “An apology from Cook on this issue will go a long way in smoothing over some of the negative response from customers. Heck, it may even help sell more iPhones.”

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