Can tech giant Apple dominate the television, too?

“With the release of the iMac in 1998, the iPod in 2001, the iPhone in 2007, then the iPad in 2010, what’s next? iTV in 2013? Here is why we think this is a must for Apple Inc.,” Meena Krishnamsetty writes for The Motley Fool.

“Apple already revolutionized two key devices that most people use everyday: the personal computer and mobile phone. The company has introduced another device that has also become a big part of people’s lives: the tablet. The next big step for the company is changing another device that people use everyday: the television,” Krishnamsetty writes. “Next to mobile devices, the television is one of the most widely owned and used devices. Over 99% of U.S. households have at least one television, with the average being over two TVs. The average time spent watching TV per day is over 5 hours, with 67% of people watching TV while eating dinner.”

Krishnamsetty writes, “At a time when Apple continues to break earnings records, we cannot help but look to the future to see where Apple’s projected 5-year EPS growth of 23% will come from. Apple has seen tremendous demand for its new iPhone 5 and is setting record sales data, yet the stock typically falls on the slightest news of a bottleneck. This is perhaps because the company has too much riding on its iPhone brand. Of Apple’s four key device categories, it derives the most revenue from mobile sales at 63%. Although tablets are still in their infancy stage relative to computers and phones, the tablet device will undoubtedly continue to eat into computer sales and be cannibalistic to Apple’s computer segment. An Apple TV could give the company a different dynamic.”

Much more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Ellis D.” for the heads up.]


    1. No need. Samsung is a design deadbeat and now everybody officially knows it. I have one Samsung blu-ray device with built-in apps – it’s crap – total and complete crap, and I’ve written to Samsung and told them so. They, like MS of old, simply don’t get it. Ignorance will not be bliss for Samsung if they don’t pull their heads out and start using their imagination to make new [as in never seen before] products. Products that are uniquely theirs and not obviously someone else’s.

      Nope, no need to worry about Samsung if Apple take’s to making a real TV. (BTW – I love my little Apple TV – totally cool.)

      Also BTW – How is it that the Fool is any kind of expert on what Apple should or shouldn’t do? They’ve never been any kind of pro-Apple bastion.?

  1. There seems to be only one screen left to monopolize: the story telling one know as the TV. Our computer fits in our pocket (iPhone) and for bigger pages we have the iPad. The only thing left may be glasses to play right to our eyes.

    The content choice and time of showing are the major hurdles for tv and the interface system leaves a lot to be desired. The ads are not well targeted to the individual and that will be the next BIG THING. Content is king but ads pay the bills.

    1. That’s the point. They will go where no screen is needed.

      Each advance Apple has made has followed a new input method (mouse, scroll wheel, touch). All these depend on screens.

      Next frontier, and opportunity to disrupt, is perfecting voice input and pairing that with a range of devices not needing screens, only voice commands.

      Such devices will start out not being good enough. Then they will disrupt by creating a new consumption vector we have not imagined today. Then, non-screen devices will do both things we did not know they could do today, plus begin to substitute jobs we now hire displayed devices to do.

      Apple needs to take that ground next.

  2. Nice insight indeed. Can’t disagree with anything the writer says. It’s certainly a well known fact that AAPL lives or dies with the iPhone so it is important that they spread the revenue stream as wide as possible. it’s great now but when the inevitable hiccup comes you need it to not take a huge hunk out of your earnings. But of course AAPL understands this very well of course.

    1. It’s certainly a well known fact that AAPL lives or dies with the iPhone

      No it’s not. Apple has a nicely diverse collection of extremely profitable computers and related devices. Kill the iPhone today and Apple remains a brilliant, wealthy and vastly influential company. Obviously everything else at Apple is part of the value of AAPL as well.

      You tend to say some remarkably ignorant things GM. No hostility from me, but please think before you type.

      1. Listen you haughty arrogant fuck, AAPL does live and die by the iPhone. If you did anything besides post you’d understand that. IPhone is the breadwinner for AAPL, look it up if you know how. Yes, we all know about their other products but its the iPhone that generates the money. Trust me I follow (and have forever) Apple and everything it does daily. So dont tell me about AAPL. I’ve owned Apple products (all) for 30 plus years. I make my living with them. I have invested in AAPL for decades. You think before you type. No hostility intended.

        1. Wow, that mask fell to the floor with a mighty crash!

          GM, I’m telling you exactly what I told you before. Read it again, get all upset again, then maybe consider doing your homework and curing your ignorance.

          That is all.

            1. You have a company that makes a wide variety of creative software, that owns the WhateverPad market, that is consistently eating Windows PC market share, that owns the portable music player market…

              Are you really such a tard?

              You certainly are persistent in your ignorance, which of course gets you nowhere. I told you to do your homework. I am now done with this idiotic conversation, so have fun with the last word. 😀

            2. You do your homework. Margins on the iPad are small compared to the iPhone. Again dopey, iPhone comprises a great deal of AAPL’s revenue. That’s a fact. Take it away and you have a company selling iPods and iPads. Great devices to be sure. I have and do own many. And will own the iPad mini as soon as its available but it’s the iPhone that matters. And their services are not bulletproof either. Ping. MobileMe. Maps. So as all can see, you are the tard. You offer nothing but fanboy hot air. Your last retort was as all others, baseless and void of facts. And yes, you did come back to see me bitch slap you across the room in front of your little buddies.

      2. No, you’re wrong. I think that you don’t own apple stock that’s why you have no idea what you talk. actually, apple stock is really depends on iPhone, iPad recently. it really is. mac sale is only good in US market because apple dominates education market traditionally, and americans like mac even though it is expensive. plus, apple marketing is succeeded to hit their product homerun. but for the worldwide, it’s only share less than 4%. how can you explain this? it doesn’t impact on stock price at all. barely. in China, iPhone share is only 2%. android is 88%. even iPhone 5 will increse sale this winter, Chinese market doesn’t seem to change. do you have any idea how much people earn for a month? most people can’t afford to buy iPhone. it’s very expensive. they prefer to buy cheap android smartphone which gives them more features than iPhone. they are not stupid like americans.

  3. The iCar is the next big thing.

    An electric car with voice navigation using Apple’s iMap technology.

    “Apple regrets that numerous drivers have made inadvertent turns into buildings, forests, rivers and lakes.”

  4. this kind of article makes me laugable. if apple does someting, anything will be successful? are you nut? it’s absolutely not. look at how apple TV is doing? nobody cares. do you think that apple could go beyond what Samsung, LG have done for dacades. you know what? TV is totally different system. forget it. I bet that apple will fail. it won’t work.

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