Which country pays the most for Apple’s iPhone 5?

“The iPhone 5 arrived in 22 more countries and we now have a nice summary as to what Apple’s newest handset will cost depending on where you live,” Bryan M. Wolfe reports for AppAdvice.

“According to Setteb.it, Italians will pay the most for the iPhone 5, while Hong Kong residents will get the best deals overseas,” Wolfe reports. “Not surprisingly, Americans get the best deal overall.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Attribution: Cult of Mac. Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. Canada used to have the best deals for iTunes rentals and stuff, being the same $0.99, but having a slightly lower dollar… but now that the CAD$ is trading above the US, it’s cheaper to get these things across the line.

  2. Aussies are still paying about three times the American price despite living closer to the factories and the Aussie dollar being worth more than the greenback. Import duties can only account for so much …

    1. Not sure how you came to the 3X price for Oz price of iPhone it seems to me looking at websites that the difference is only about 15%. When you take into account various sales tax and GST in Australia it is very close to parity. This seems to be confirmed by the graph in the linked article.

  3. Apple Inc. has always screwed the ‘Aussie’ consumer for every cent it can get. This fact is a direct insult to some of the most loyal ‘supporter base’ that the company has. Exactly what have we done to deserve this contempt?

  4. 5 millions sale and preorder were happened only in US. other countries weren’t counted at all. so it’s proven that most idevices have been sold in american soil other than other countries. it was the same for ipad, ipod before. now, apple claimed that so many products have been sold. yeah, right. but it’s only your country america.

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