“A federal judge has ruled that Asus’ Transformer Prime tablet does not infringe on Hasbro’s Transformers trademark, in spite of the suit actually making sense,” Devin Coldewey reports for TechCrunch. “As a little kicker on the story, court filings have revealed that the device has produced pre-order numbers that are, shall we say, less than legendary. It’s not entirely fair, of course, to compare a fragmented and developing ecosystem like Android tablets to the world leader, the iPad.”

Coldewey reports, “At the same time, Asus is a big company with lots of ambition in the tablet and mobile computing space, so we can at least hold them to the standard of a large and established company. So when court filings reveal that pre-orders for this poster child for Android 4 tablets… total a whopping 2,000 units as of a month ago, it’s kind of a letdown.”

“As for the lawsuit: it’s not over, the judge has simply rejected Hasbro’s request to have sales of the Transformer Prime device halted,” Coldewey reports. “The case will continue to trial.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Sounds like lots of fun ahead.Steve Jobs, October 18, 2010

[Attribution: Daring Fireball. Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]

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