“CES hasn’t even started, but after sitting through various pre-show press conferences and meetings, one thing is clear: Apple is casting a very long shadow on this show,” Tim Bajarin writes for Tech.pinions. “And many of the products I have seen have been various implementations of something Apple has already brought to market.”

“This is especially true in two categories,” Bajarin writes. “First is the iPad. Pretty much every tablet vendor here hopes they can develop a tablet that is at least competitive with Apple… And when talking to all of these “clone” vendors, they don’t even pretend they are doing something new or unique. Rather, many point out that they hope to tag along on Apple’s success and tap into new users Apple may not get because of their higher prices. But make no mistake; all of these are iPad wannabes.”

Bajarin writes, “The second product they are all chasing is Apple’s MacBook Air. If you look at Intel’s Ultrabook program, you can see that this is a blatant attempt by the Windows crowd to ride Apple’s successful coattails in design and give their audience something that Apple has had on the market for their customers for five years… When talking to these vendors who are hopefully bullish about any of their offerings in either of these categories, I sense something else. While they know what Apple already has, the fact that they don’t know what Apple will have in the future really weighs heavily on them. Or in other words, they keep waiting for another shoe to drop.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Years behind Apple. Why anybody would waste their money on Apple wannabe crap is beyond us.