“What’s with Apple jamming through hundreds of design patents through China’s Patent Office this past year?” Jack Purcher asks for Patently Apple.

“The increase in design patents is measurably noticeable but the reasoning behind it isn’t clear in the least,” Purcher reports. “One could only surmise that Apple simply foresees the majority of future copycat designers coming from Asian OEMs.”

Purcher reports, “With that said, today’s report covers an overview of the latest 37 design patents that were granted to Apple in China this past Friday in addition to a peek at a few architectural styled figurative design graphics showcasing Apple’s beautiful Shanghai Store.”

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“The vast majority of Apple’s latest round of design patent wins in China covers all-things iPhone,” Purcher reports. “Specifically, the design patents cover various user interface (UI) elements from the iPhone’s app dock to varying views of an open productivity folder to phone-specific elements covering such things as mute, keypad, speaker, FaceTime and so forth.”

Much more in the full article, including Apple’s patent application illustrations, here.