“Apple has shown interest in creating a new type of display with multiple transparent layers, offering the ability to display a three-dimensional image without the need for glasses,” Neil Hughes reports for AppleInsider

“The details come from a new patent application published this week by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, entitled ‘Multilayer Display Device.’ Discovered by AppleInsider, the document describes a display that has individual layers driven by separate graphics processors,” Hughes reports. “Apple’s solution is a multilayer display system that could be driven by multiple transparent organic light-emitting diode screens, or OLED. The use of multiple transparent screens would allow for layers in an image, creating visual depth for users.”

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Hughes reports, “Last year, a separate filing showed that Apple had tinkered with the idea of holographic displays that also would not require users to wear glasses. And it has even explored a multi-camera system for taking 3D pictures with an iPhone.”

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