Apple iPad destroying Android wannabes not only in consumer, but business market, too

“The tablet is not yet a standard-issue sidearm in enterprise, but it’s well on its way to becoming one — particularly Apple’s iPad,” John Paczkowski reports for AllThingsD.

“According to Good Technology, which provides mobile device management services to 49 of the Fortune 100 and 182 of the Fortune 500, 27 percent of the mobile devices activated by its enterprise customers during the second quarter of 2011 were tablets,” Paczkowski reports. “And most of those were iPads.”

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Paczkowski reports, “More than 95 percent, actually… Android tablet activations among Good customers actually declined to 3.1 percent during the quarter, despite the debut of the Motorola Xoom and Samsung Galaxy. In fact, Good noted more iPad activations during the quarter than activations of all Android tablets and smartphones combined.”

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  1. You can see the wannabe in Airports trying to use their clones and act as if the OS is fluid and elegant like the iPad. That is if their battery hasn’t gone dead, can’t connect to WiFi, locked up and FLASH fried. lol

    1. Same thing happened with the iphone, I saw a lot of iphones wannabes and people trying to scroll like in the iphone, it looked more like a power poit presentation rather than a iphone scroll

  2. If there was a compelling android tablet im sure we would evaluate it for enterprise use.

    The problem is there are two types of tablet out there running android. One will be running gingerbread which makes it feel more like a big phone and the other will be running honeycomb which has some kinks to work out.

    Im a big fan of android, its just not there in that form factor yet.

          1. Yeah, because Android is doing great!

            Oh wait, no it isn’t. Did you read the article?

            Android is dead in the tablet market. It’s faring better with handsets, but it’s only managing to compete against the likes of RIM, Microsoft, and HP there. It has failed catastrophically to compete with Apple. Dismissing it is wrong because why?

            I’d also wager that most people who use Android, and are even aware of it, don’t care about it. It’s simply what comes with the phone and not something people are specifically buying phones for the pleasure of using.

      1. I try to not be so closed minded in my approach to technology.

        So far the iPad is 1000 units ahead of android at my work.

        When the bar is set so high “good enough” is not going to beat the ipad.

      2. Again BLN insists on using gutter talk. Are you familiar with other vocabulary that is more descriptive? Can you raise the bar a little and use polite language?

        1. I quite agree. More descriptive is definitely the way to go. To wit, “Android could suck start a school bus,” or possibly, “Android is such fetid garbage that even flies are repelled by the stench.”

  3. It’s been pointed out here before, but I think it has some merit so I’ll mention it again. Part of the reason Android phones do so well is because they’re generally subsidized pretty heavily. One can convince themselves that “good is good enough” when you you get 2 (or more) phones for the price of a single iPhone.

    Tablets aren’t subsidized. When you’re looking at paying 500$ for a fake iPad, why wouldn’t you just get the real thing?

    I’m completely pulling this out of my butt, but I’d wager that the percentage of people who intentionally choose Android based on anything other than because it’s what they were talked into buying by the sales rep, or because it was cheap or free, is relatively small. Sure you have a few uber-geeks or people who are morally averse to Apple’s “walled garden”, and I respect that, but the point still stands that on a whole Android phones are subsidized more heavily and are therefore cheaper and appeal to people looking for a cheap iPhone knockoff (the majority of Android purchasers, in my very limited experience); tablets are not subsidized, so why settle for the knock-off when you can have the real thing for the same price.

    1. Your not pulling anything out of your ass. It’s a valid argument that Android has its meteoric based on being FREE and loaded on every POS device that barely qualifies as a Smartphone. These devices are such crap they are given away for free. Buy one and get two or three pos Android crap.

    2. Android gained a LOT of traction in the U.S. because Verizon had nothing else to compete with the iPhone, so Verizon HEAVILY promoted Android phones so that it could sell something.

      It will be very interesting to see Android v. iPhone sales come the end of March 2012.

      1. Agreed. Look how hard Sprint is pushing Android these days; it’s because they don’t have the iPhone (yet).

        It will be even more interesting to see Android v. iPhone sales come the end of March 2013, after 2 year contracts expire for everyone on Verizon who bought a ‘roid because that was what was available at the time.

  4. They say Android is so popular, but I almost never see it in a bar or restaurant or on the bus or street. Where are all these Android phones and tablets? It’s just wierd that if there are so many of them, why is it iPhone I see everywhere? maybe it’s just selective vision, but I’d expect to see much more of them.

    1. I havent seen any tablets but phone wise i have more friends with androids.

      I also see a lot of android phones at work but i work in IT and we spend breaks and lunches comparing our android phones.

      Yes my day can be this pathetic.

        1. I hang with a bunch of nerds who spend way too much time playing with computers and gadgets lol.

          On the plus side at least one of our crew bought a mac recently since me and another drone kept telling him about ours and his attempt at a hackintosh tested his patience a bit much.

          He went out and bought an imac recently. I honestly couldn’t believe it.

      1. Hey, give Dude a break. He’s obviously trying to add a little something different to MDN discussions, and he does so without being an a**hole, unlike some of the comments directed at him.

        I have only briefly used Android devices in stores, so having someone who uses them regularly is a nice addition.

        And he’s absolutely right about the Android tablets – they simply aren’t ready for anything. I have yet to go into any retailer (Staples, Best Buy, etc.) and find an Android tablet (or PlayBook) which was actually working. Once I found a Xoom that was on, but I couldn’t get it to do anything besides open Angry Birds (which was laggy and hard to play with all the jerking motion).

        Android tablets simply are not viable options. Google didn’t have Eric T. Mole to feed it info on the iPad this time, so Android is much farther behind the iPad than it was the iPhone. It simply may never catch up.

        HP may have something with its TouchPad, but it had better come out with rev. 2 really fast.

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