“The Wall Street Journal last night confirmed many of my predictions for the iPad 2.0, while Apple drives the display industry to meet massive demand for high-resolution displays for mobile devices,” Jonny Evans reports or Computerworld.

“Apple COO Tim Cook has also used his skills in inventory and supply management to create critical barriers to limit the impact of competitors in the space,” Evans reports. “Component suppliers are already seeing strong returns for their part in the Apple ecosystem, with display manufacturers especially thrilled. That’s because spending on new plant for the manufacture of low temperature polysilicon (LTPS)-based displays is going to reach a record $2.4 billion in 2011, DisplaySearch has said.”

Evans reports, “Apple’s strategic investments are classic Tim Cook. An expert in logistics, supply management and inventory, Cook is putting up massive barriers to challenge competitors attempting to take on the iPad. While Jobs places his focus in product design, Cook has proved himself an expert in supply and production management. In the right hands, command of business systems is a lethal weapon.”

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