RBC Capital sees Verizon surpassing 1 million iPhone 4 units sold in first week

“Analyst Mike Abramsky with RBC Capital Markets said in a note to investors on Wednesday that he believes Apple and Verizon will surpass 1 million phones sold in the first week,” Sam Oliver reports for AppleInsider.

“He also expects robust sales to continue, with between 3 million and 4 million handsets selling in the first quarter of availability,” Oliver reports. “Based on estimated pre-order demand and available inventory, Abramsky believes that Verizon, Apple and Best Buy retail stores may completely stock out in the first week on their way to 1 million units sold. He expects that Apple has between a million and 1.5 million in channel inventory for the launch.”

Oliver reports, “For calendar year 2011, Abramsky sees between 9 million and 10 million Verizon iPhones being sold, though he cautioned the number could be conservative.”

Much more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]


  1. This is the same Mike Abramsky who believed that there were only 100K iPhones sold during the pre-order period.

    He has a horrible track record. I cannot believe he is still covering AAPL and that he is even an analyst.

    “(…) he had lowered his price target for Apple from $140 to $70 a share — below all the other analysts’ — and raised his RIM target from $45 to $75.

    (…) Apple ended up climbing 27.5% to just under $100 a share, and RIM, after issuing an earnings warning, fell 14.5% in one day, to below $50 a share.”

    Obviously he’s no longer getting much money from RIM for him to cover AAPL favourably.

  2. Android fanbois must be pretty dense to think that because there are a gazillion models of Android smartphones on Verizon that there aren’t subscribers who still want the iPhone very badly. There will likely be a lot of switchers from Android smartphones simply because they had no choice in the matter if they were dedicated Verizon users. I hope the switch rates are published in the future. I’d guess there would be at least a 20% switch rate within the year. I’m expecting Apple to move their entire inventory of about 5 million Verizon iPhones within the first month. It should be easy to do with so many outlets.

  3. If Apple can get the iPhone on Sprint or T-Mobile by year’s end, it will be a very, very tough year for Android.

    If Apple really does activate a dual band chip in the iPhone 5, it will be a great year for the consumer.

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