“With Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s popularity plummeting, a growing number of Democrats are asking whether state Treasurer Phil Angelides and Controller Steve Westly should be the party’s only choices for governor,” John Wildermuth and Carla Marinucci report for The San Francisco Chronicle.

“Prominent Democrats ranging from San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom and former Rep. Leon Panetta to non-politicians such as businessman Steve Jobs and comedian Robin Williams are mentioned in the quiet conversations of Democratic activists, although no one is saying anything — at least publicly — about jumping into the race,” Wildermuth and Marinucci report.

“Steve Jobs, co-founder and head of Apple Computers and Pixar studios and a major donor to the Democratic Party, is another person regularly mentioned as a possible candidate for governor, O’Connor and others say,” Wildermuth and Marinucci report. “But for Jobs and many others, an important question remains: Do they have the interest in a thankless job like governor of California?”

Of Steve Jobs’s chances, Wildermuth writes, “Way too many Windows users out there.”

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