$80 ‘Zapbox’ AR headset will let you watch Apple’s spatial videos shot on iPhone 15 Pro

Zappar's $80 Zapbox headset (image: Zappar)
Zappar’s $80 Zapbox headset (image: Zappar)

AR startup Zappar says its $80 Zapbox headset is the first mixed reality device capable of playing back the new spatial video format that Apple has just added to iOS 17.2 for iPhone 15 Pro and its flagship iPhone 15 Pro Max.

Zapbox requires an iPhone for its display and processing power. (So, your “headset” didn’t really cost just $80, your acrylic head-mounted iPhone holder did.) It works with iPhone 11 and later (with Android support is said to be coming later this year).

Ina Fried for Axios:

The latest test version of iOS gives recent iPhones the ability to harness multiple cameras in order to capture content in a more immersive way.

While these new videos are primarily designed for playback on the forthcoming Vision Pro, Zappar says its device can play them back today. Apple’s headset will cost thousands of dollars and isn’t arriving until next year.

Zappar showed off the new capability in a video shared first with Axios. In the coming weeks, it plans to add a specialized app for viewing the spatial movies on Zapbox.

MacDailyNews Take: One of the first of many, many such products.

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