Four of the top five OLED smartphones are Apple iPhones – DSCC

This week, DSCC launches its Monthly Flagship Smartphone Tracker. This report includes monthly panel shipment results and a rolling two-month forecast for all flexible and foldable OLED smartphones for all the major smartphone brands and models. Four of the top five OLED smartphones are Apple iPhones.

Four of the top five OLED smartphones are Apple iPhones - DSCC

DSCC Senior Director David Naranjo said in a statement, “The Monthly Flagship Smartphone Tracker serves as an excellent tool for all companies involved in the OLED smartphone supply chain: display material companies and manufacturers, panel suppliers, OEMs, technology developers, brands, telecom companies and financial analysts, etc.; by having the ability to see historical panel shipment results and near-term forecasts by brand, model, panel supplier along with upcoming models to be launched in the near future. A monthly tracker for wearables will soon be available.”

In the case of the top five models for January through March, DSCC shows that Apple and Samsung models captured a combined 46% share in Q1’23. By model, by month, the top five models in January were the Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max with an 18% share, followed by the iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 13, iPhone 14 and Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra. These five models consistently made the top five over the last three months. Starting in March however, the top model was the iPhone 14 and DSCC expects the iPhone 14 to be the top model in April and May as a result of early adopters purchasing the Pro models shortly after launch and non-early adopters increasingly purchasing the entry level models later in the launch cycle.

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  1. There still isn’t enough iPhone growth to please investors. Apple will somehow have to figure out how to increase iPhone market share a couple of percent each quarter.
    🙂 I have read that Apple is doing a decent job of selling iPhones in India which I didn’t think was possible.

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