Apple Musical Classical app begins global rollout

The Apple Music Classical app has begun appearing on the App Store for pre-order (the app becomes available on March 28th). As this date arrives around the globe, the app is beginning to roll out.

Apple Music Classical
Apple Music Classical

Ben Lovejoy for 9to5Mac:

The good news is that there is no additional cost if you already subscribe to Apple Music. In its former Primephonic incarnation, the service cost $14.99.

The launch has been a long time coming: Apple first announced the acquisition back in 2021. It said at the time that the Apple Music Classical incarnation would launch “in the coming months” – which I guess is technically true.

The main advantage of the new app will be much better organization and searching, allowing searches for recordings of specific performances, a key weakness of Apple Music.

The Apple Music Classical app can be downloaded now if it’s already Tuesday in your time-zone – otherwise, you can pre-order and get a notification of when it is available to you.

MacDailyNews Note: In the App Store, Apple Music Classical is here.

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