Huge collection of vintage Apple computers hits the auction block next week

Next week, a huge collection of vintage Apple computers will be auctioned off by Julien’s Auctions. The Hanspeter Luzi collection consists of more than 500 Apple computers, parts, software, and more.

Apple's "Flower Power" (left) and "Dalmatian" iMacs
Apple’s “Flower Power” (left) and “Dalmatian” iMacs

Jonathan M. Gitlin for Ars Technica:

Julien’s Auctions has posted the full catalog ahead of the March 30 event, and for Apple nerds of a certain age, there will surely be much to catch your eye.

My own personal WTF moment occurred as I got to lot #15. It’s an Apple II, but black, not beige, and therefore a thousand times cooler, or something. Even known at the time as the Darth Vader Apple, it’s a regular Apple II in a black case made for Bell & Howell, aimed at schools.

Lot #392 has a higher starting price than many of the lots, and an estimate of between $300-$500. It’s the lot containing a Newton MessagePad 120, Apple’s first proper go at a handheld device.

Lot #418 is already at $600 at the time of writing. No surprise then that people are bidding on a Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh, which back in 1997 sold for a heady $7,499. But the TAM, as it’s known, is ultra cool, previewing a form factor that combined the computer’s hardware with a flatscreen display in a single unit—a design that wouldn’t go mainstream until the G4 iMac. (There are a few of those going up for auction, too.)

But before we get to the G4 iMac, we have to pass through the G3 iMac. Some readers may be too young to remember the craze of product design kicked off by Apple’s turn-of-the-century all-in-one. Translucent plastics became all the rage—in 2001, I remember having a translucent blue plastic kettle and a translucent blue steam iron. My pick of the G3 iMacs—of which there are more than 30—is the ludicrous Dalmatian Edition (lot #431), which had blue and white spots on its case. Just because.

MacDailyNews Take: Julien’s Auctions is offering “The Apples,” a spectacular collection of more than 500 lots featuring items “The Hanspeter Luzi Vintage Apple Archive,” one of the world’s most comprehensive collection of Apple computers and products ever offered. More than 500 computers and Apple products spanning over forty years will be offered for the first time at auction Thursday, March 30, 2023 at Julien’s Auctions Gallery in Beverly Hills and online on Julien’s Live.

The full catalog is here. Happy bidding!

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  1. Now is the time to sell off your person tech museums if you don’t have the skills or resources to replace batteries, capacitors, and LCD monitors and other degradations/vinegration of plastics .

  2. Still have a never used 20th Anniversary Mac. I only booted it once to make sure it did not have the infamous Bose subwoofer noise, which it thankfully did not. Packed up for like 30 years. I too may sell it someday.

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