Top EU judge expects a wave of lawsuits from Apple, other tech firms against Digital Markets Act

Apple and other technology companies will likely challenge a new European Union law – the Digital Markets Act – with the first cases in a potential wave of litigation expected by year-end, one of the EU’s top judges said on Friday.



The Digital Markets Act (DMA), which came into force in November, will classify online platforms with more than 45 million users as gatekeepers, among other criteria.

The gatekeepers – companies that control data and platform access – are subject to a list of do’s, such as making their messaging services interoperable, and don’ts, including not favoring their products and services on their platforms.

The list of gatekeepers to which the DMA will apply is due to be announced on Sept. 6 and will likely include Alphabet’s Google, Meta, Amazon, Apple, and Microsoft.

Those disagreeing with the label and requirements are likely to take their complaint to the Luxembourg-based General Court within months, its president Marc van der Woude said.

“Probably the end of this year, beginning of next year we might see the first cases and I don’t think it will stop,” he told a conference organised by the European Commission.

MacDailyNews Take: The lawyers are smiling and rubbing their hands together in anticipation.

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  1. The wedge is in the door….

    Give the EU time, and before we know it, the US will be a nondemocratic union, beholden to an elite group of “super-legislators”.

  2. At some point in time, Apple and others may have to figure out if it’s worth selling products in any European Union member state. Let them go back to two tin cans and a string.

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