Apple’s new Freeform app can transform the way you plan travel

Apple’s Freeform is an all-new app that helps users organize and visually lay out content on a flexible canvas, giving them the ability to see, share, and collaborate all in one place without worrying about layouts or page sizes. Among myriad applications, Freeform can also transform the way you plan travel.

Freeform provides a flexible canvas across iPhone, iPad, and Mac — bringing conversation topics, content, and ideas all into one place.
Freeform provides a flexible canvas across iPhone, iPad, and Mac — bringing conversation topics, content, and ideas all into one place.

Freeform users can add a wide range of files and preview them inline without ever leaving the board. Designed for collaboration, Freeform makes it easier than ever to invite others to work on a board together. Users can even collaborate with others while on a FaceTime call. Freeform boards are stored in iCloud, so users can stay in sync across devices.

Rachel Chang for Travel & Leisure:

The boards live in iCloud, so that you can jump in and out of them on any device whenever a thought strikes. But they can also be shared with multiple users collaborating on the same board, so they can be a constant works in progress as you figure out the details of your dream getaway with your travel mates.

Not sure if you should stay at a resort or a vacation rental? Make a pros and cons list and let everyone add their thoughts. Overwhelmed by all the things to do in a city? Block them all out with stickies and visualize your day-to-day itinerary. Juggling various restaurant choices from all your guests? Have them all share links to their picks, then choose the ones with the best reviews…

Text boxes can easily be dragged out to adjust the size (similar to Instagram Stories). Photos and videos can be clicked to magnify into high-fidelity versions, while the preview cards of web links immediately take you to the site. And if it’s a file — for instance, a PDF of a restaurant menu or a tour itinerary — it will open right to the file.

MacDailyNews Take: As we just wrote yesterday, there are so many possible uses for this app!

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  1. How do we plan Crim Cook’s jail cell, sharing a bunk bed with AppleCyntnic?

    Cyntnic has a pipeline that Crim would presumably be quite interested in exploring.

    Cyntnic’s pipeline is probably quite Freeform because he has emitted a great deal of shyte over the years. So, so much.

    Crim Cook is the supply line and pipeline expert.

    These two are a match made in heaven.

  2. Arguably, Ms. Chang has to write a certain number of words per month to keep her job at Travel and Leisure. But I find it quite a stretch that Ms. Chang seriously believes that making an itenerary list for your next trip can be construed as a legitimate argument for learning and using the Freeform application! There are literally dozens of existing applications, already built into the MacOS or PadOS, things a computer user is already using. You could use AutoCAD to make a shopping list, but a No. 2 pencil and a piece of paper would be far more convenient.

    1. Oops. So sorry for the spelling error. I agree; typos and syntax errors must be taken seriously. I should not try to type on an iPhone mini in a moving and bumpy vehicle. I will do better next time. (There is an old saying that doctors can’t spell). Thanks.

  3. Wow how come so many people are against this app? There is absolutely zero learning curve to it and it is a handy tool. Clearly people just like to complain about free software that works.

    1. No-one is against the app. We are all United against AppleDerpnic though. Even the downvoters here, deep down they are totally against the deep dark AppleDerpnic. He is a true derpsh!t…

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