Amid rampant U.S. inflation, Apple raises prices for Apple Music, Apple TV+, and Apple One

Amid rampant U.S. inflation running at 40-year highs, Apple is increasing prices for Apple Music, Apple TV+, and its Apple One services bundles, citing rising costs.



The company increased the price of Apple Music to $10.99 a month from $9.99 for individuals, effective immediately… The price of Apple TV+ will climb to $6.99 from $4.99, and the standard Apple One bundle increases $2 to $16.95.

The company said in a statement that the music price hike was due to “an increase in licensing costs” and that artists and songwriters will now earn more money… Apple is also hiking its annual music plan to $109 from $99 and its TV+ yearly subscription to $69 from $49. Apple One bundles for families are going to $22.95 from $19.95, while the Premier package, which adds News+, Fitness+ and additional storage on top of Arcade, Music and TV+, is climbing $3 to $32.95.

In explaining the TV+ increase, Apple said that service was introduced “at a very low price” because it started with just a few shows and movies. It’s now “home to an extensive selection of award-winning and broadly acclaimed series, feature films, documentaries, and kids and family entertainment from the world’s most creative storytellers.”

MacDailyNews Take: Apple is simply doing what Disney, Netflix, etc. have done already, multiple times.

No one seriously thought Apple TV+ would be $4.99/month forever, especially as it wins major Emmys, Oscars, BAFTAs, etc. We’re surprised it’s been held so low for so long (but that was a smart move by Apple to keep the price nice and low while building out a library of stellar content).MacDailyNews, October 18, 2022

Expect Apple TV+ to introduce an ad-supported tier for around $4.99 per month in the near future.

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    1. LOL! Classic. Yes, the cost-of-living is going up because of?… wait for it… wait for it… inflation!

      I cannot fathom how absolutely stupid Nancy and crew think American’s are. It’s so insulting I’d not vote for any of their candidates just out of protest in quit treating people as stupid masses of tissue to be played with as they will and nothing more.

      Uh, I give you a 100 karat diamond, no inclusions, only one in the world. Let’s say it’s near priceless or $500b…

      Now, let’s give everyone in California that 100 karat diamond, because we found 49 or so million of them…

      Wanna know what it’s worth now? Yah, it’s a $5 paperweight at best because it holds documents down on a desk and look pretty.

      Biden has shoved trillions upon trillions of “free money” into the economy. Trillions more and quantitative easing like crazy from the Feds continues, and the more money in the market not created or demand, the less valuable it becomes, cause more to be used to buy the same goods and services you had before.

      It’s called… drum roll… INFLATION!…

      This is why interest rates need to be jacked several points – N O W. Yes, it’ll cause a crash, a total crash in the economy. Car’s won’t be purchased. Homes won’t sell. It’ll suddenly – guess what – take massive dollars out of the economy, and STOP inflation, and thus a stable and rapidly growing economy can begin again.

      It’s called Carter’s stupid energy policies and Joe Biden’s (Jill really, or whoever is running the show…), and Reagan in 1980. He killed inflation that was out of control like today’s world, and within two years 49 of 50 states re-elected Regan as he knew exactly what do to.

      Win the House and the GOP controls the purse strings. Which is exactly why I’m already campaigning to END McCarthy as any form of Speaker, and get in Jim Jordan who will halt crazy spending. Marxists who bow at the alter of big centralized government will go insane with rage. But it is the thing that will save families and get the country one fiscal solid ground once more.

      And there you go… It’s – literally – just math, with stupid politics from power hungry politicians wrapped around it.

      1. You idiot. The GOP gives massive tax breaks to their friends the 1%. Which DO NOT get “trickled down” to the people. In fact we end up paying for those golden purses and the debt goes up! Explain (logically) how Biden has halved the national deficit?

        1. Dumb Democrat TIRED talking points that keep using a false pejorative term “trickle down” when the truth is trickle down has been working for businesses in many ways since the beginning of time.

          I don’t see Biden and his administration ELIMINATING tax breaks for business, instead they are CREATING their OWN!!

          Specifically, tax breaks for their buddies and Biden just gave away trillions to their donors in Green Dream Energy companies, Education, Unions and more. Guess you never heard of the Solyndra debacle under Obama a green company that went belly up and taxpayers still on the hook for Democrat FAILURES. Stay tuned, much more to come.

          “Explain (logically) how Biden has halved the national deficit?”

          OK, from CNN on Friday:

          “Maya MacGuineas – president of the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget, a deficit watchdog group – said besides the Inflation Reduction Act the Biden administration has made the fiscal situation worse, not better.”

          “The White House is knowingly twisting the facts to tell a very different story than a fair and accurate one,” MacGuineas told CNN on Friday.”

          “And it’s important to understand why the deficit is down so sharply. It’s not because the government has gotten massive spending programs like Social Security or Medicare and Medicaid on a sustainable path. It’s because emergency Covid spending that drove up the deficit to new heights has lapsed. The bailouts for airlines, stimulus checks and forgivable loans are in the rearview mirror, thankfully.”

          Now pay attention @5280420, here is the succinct reality:

          The Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget estimates that more than 100% of the deficit reduction for fiscal 2022 is due to shrinking or expiring Covid relief. The group estimates that Biden’s actions to date have increased deficits by $4.8 trillion through 2031.

          Bears repeating for the thick skulls: “Biden’s actions to date have increased deficits by $4.8 trillion through 2031.”

          Yes, talk about an idiot…

  1. I tried at least three different Apple Music free trials and paid for a month, I almost thought I found a reason to like it by connecting my Shazam playlist, but then Apple deleted it and my favorites playlist once I didn’t immediately re-subscribe. The UI has always been terrible, Beats Music was much better 8 years ago, before Apple bought them. Apple TV+ never appealed to me at all.

    After a generous 3-month free trial of ad-free YouTube Premium (the best streaming platform by a country mile) which includes YouTube Music, with a great predictive algorithm that plays songs one after another, adjusting as you like or dislike them (not to mention related music videos that accompany the songs), I wouldn’t give Apple another go if they gave me a year for free. The huge gap in Apple One tiers makes it even less appealing.

    1. Oh that is nice that is so great for you, so really great. And I am sure Google music, and Google streaming, Google searches, Google ads, all of it just plays really wonderful on your android phone and is the best, it’s really the best. (I am sure if you try hard and repeat that in the echo chamber between your ears enough you will believe it too).

  2. Sorry Stars&Bars, for once I must disagree with you. Apple’s music app has become an un-navicable mess; even worse than a few years ago. I’ve been with almost all Apple products since 1982 WWDC and man, do I get pissed lately. Music that I bought and carefully curated into hundreds of playlists are all screwed up by the app. I’ve received AppleOne free 4-5 times due to hardware purchases and despite that, as well as actually having a separate subscription to it that I paid for: the damned app fails to let me play what I want, won’t let me access Radio, and nags me to subscribe repeatedly. I’m gradually paring down my stock holdings in Apple because the quality erosion of the “it just works” ideal is wearing me down.

    1. CitizenX was a blow hard shopkeeper who thought he was special because Steve Jobs visited his store a few times.

      I’m sure all the other stores Steve visited were also amazed at his patronage.

  3. Nick never mentioned ANYTHING about Google/Android…he wrote of displeasure with his Apple experience and Mr. S & Bs goes all bedwetter on him.

    Apple products aren’t prefect, fyi. Nick, Citizen, both mentioned, and I will attest to a bad experience with Apple Music. I partook of an A-M freebie trial and it f’d up (lost) my entire music collection (purchased). I spent 3+ hrs with Apple tech support, with a 4th agent finally walking me to the solution. Because of this, I will likely never try A-M again. Citizen mentions, Apple’s penchant to manhandle how/what/when content is presented to the user. It’s a hijacking actually and it’s steadily become an Apple way. Say nothing of subscribe reminders.

    “It Just Works,” is a legacy of a time past. Apple’s ability to deliver predictably may still be better than most, but the meme is becoming a romantic notion. Apple can’t even get spell check to function as it should. Google does.

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