Apple’s high-end 27-inch mini-LED display reportedly pushed into early 2023

The rumor mill has been active with chatter that Apple is planning a high-end 27-inch display model with mini-LED. Originally, summer 2022 and, then, October 2022 launches were floated, but Apple'[s unveiling may now have been pushed to early 2023.

Apple's all-new 27-inch 5K Retina Studio Display
Apple’s 27-inch 5K Retina Studio Display

Analyst Ross Young via Twitter on Thursday shared with his Super Follows that he “Heard that the Apple MiniLED monitor launch was pushed to Q1’23.”

Michael Potuck for 9to5Mac:

A higher-end 27-inch display from Apple with mini-LED tech might offer a higher refresh rate to match the latest MacBook Pro models that go up to 120Hz – something that the Pro Display XDR or Studio Display don’t do.

This past spring, my colleague Filipe got exclusive details from a source close to the matter that Apple is working on an external display with a 7K resolution. However, it’s not clear if that will be the same display as Young is talking about that could arrive in Q1 2023.

Notably, back in March when Young discussed the mini-LED Apple display coming this year, Ming-Chi Kuo disagreed saying it might not arrive in 2022 due to “high cost concerns.”

MacDailyNews Take: $2,499.

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    1. MDN, painfully unaware of its redundancy, called this a high end Apple display. Key words: high end. 20” isn’t high end even if you attempted to sell an outrageous matching stand separately.

      There is no profit margin to dinky displays. You will never see a stand-alone Apple display that small again. Apple would try to push a 20” iPad Pro Ultra Red SE before doing that.

      Apple’s bean counters exited the business completely for several years because they cared more about profits than providing a complete user solution. Be glad someone at Apple was able to get any new Apple displays built at all.

      Mac power users are more likely to desire an enormous flagship 32:9 ratio panoramic widescreen workstation display to go with the next M3 Mac Pro tower, before the industry starts the push to sell digital goggles to everyone.

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