U.S. Supreme Court again declines to hear Apple bid to challenge Qualcomm patents

The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday again declined to hear Apple’s bid to revive an effort to cancel three Qualcomm smartphone patents despite the settlement of the underlying dispute between the companies.


Blake Brittain for Reuters:

The justices left in place a lower court’s decision against Apple after similarly turning away in June the company’s appeal of a lower court ruling in a closely related case challenging two other Qualcomm patents.

Apple challenged the validity of the patents at issue in this case at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office’s Patent Trial and Appeal Board.

The companies settled their underlying fight in 2019, signing an agreement worth billions of dollars that let Apple continue using Qualcomm chips in iPhones. The settlement included an Apple license to thousands of Qualcomm patents, but allowed the patent-board proceedings to continue.

The board upheld the patents in 2020, and Apple appealed to the patent-specialist U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit. Cupertino, California-based Apple argued it had proper legal standing to appeal because San Diego-based Qualcomm could sue again after the license expires, potentially as soon as 2025.

MacDailyNews Take: The day Apple is finally free of the Qualcomm extortionist will be a day to celebrate!

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  1. “Not one of the members of the SCOTUS has the technical knowledge to quickly evaluate modern tech cases.”

    Ridiculous and just how do you know? Cases are decided on the merits of copyright law and will be decided as such. The justices will not be required to build or design a smartphone component to adjudicate the case. The old farmer saying, “you don’t have to be a chicken to know when an egg is rotten.”

    “It’s obvious why the current bench prefers to deliberate hot button social issues.”

    Certainly, add if the Left held the majority, it would be ALL woke issues, ALL the time. Meantime, the extreme Left is forcing their woke agenda down the throats of everyday citizens and the media is a willing accomplice standing out of their way. ACLU, a total joke working for the Democrat wokesters. So, naturally the ONLY recourse for sane citizens to preserve their rights and freedoms they have no options except turn to the Supreme Court. Thank God we have a majority upholding our rights and the Constitution of the United States.

    “McConnell created a political judiciary to serve the shrinking base.”

    Wrong. President Trump nominated ALL the sane conservative justices instead of leftist whack jobs that cannot define what a woman is or is not. “Shrinking base” makes me laugh, you WISH. Come November we will see whose base shrinks.

    “It’s so bad that today wives of unfit justices blatantly lobby for partisan groups.”

    Bad? I say its good Supreme Court Justices wives get involved with issues that support ordinary people. Much the same way First wives support domestic causes in both parties.

    “The Founding Fathers would be disgusted how the system of checks and balances has been eroded by such crass corruption.”

    You just outed yourself as a Leftist pretending to be outraged about the Constitution, which is out of character and of despicable deceit. You want to talk “crass corruption” let’s start with Hunter Biden’s laptop the DOJ BURIED and the media IGNORED regarding multiple flights to foreign government leaders. The numerous grifting business dealings for the “big guy” in several countries making the Biden’s wealthy rich, INSTEAD of the taxpayers they represent. Let’s not forget Hillary’s foundation that enriched the Clintons much in the same grifting practices. I won’t even get started about Pelosi’s husband and stock dealings, again more grifting Democrat deals.

    “Who funds Mrs. Thomas? Follow the money and you will see how the bench will vote.”

    Prove it! Blatant LIE and zero facts money is buying votes on the Supreme Court! Who funds the president and his son, I don’t read your sanctimonious outrage there. Bottom Line, aim your disgust at your own party FIRST, Mr. HYPOCRITE, before you throw stones at the other party…

    1. GoeB says:
      “Bottom Line, aim your disgust at your own party FIRST, Mr. HYPOCRITE, before you throw stones at the other party…”

      Follow your own advice you imbecile.

      You’re so blinded by your own cognitive bias that you probably can’t see the irony in your statement

      1. “Follow your own advice you imbecile.”

        Changed your screen name again, I read. What, you have about five at last count?

        While admitting to throwing stones at imbeciles like you and “the other party,” one thing I am NOT is a hypocrite…

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