Video: Apple Watch Ultra tested on 61-mile hike in Scottish Highlands

David Smith, an independent iOS developer (Widgetsmith, Watchsmith, Pedometer++, Sleep++), has taken Apple Watch Ultra on a 61-mile hike in Scottish Highlands to test out Apple’s latest high-end smartwatch.

Apple Watch Ultra
Apple Watch Ultra

David Smith:

I was very excited when Apple announced the Apple Watch Ultra this fall. I’ve been wearing an Apple Watch on my wrist nearly every day since they were first released seven years ago. What was so exciting about the Ultra is that it seemed to be targeted directly at me. I’m an avid hiker/backpacker and love being outdoors, and I’ve used a regular Apple Watch to track these activities but would love for a device that even better fits this use.

I don’t think you can properly test a device like this without taking it out into the field. So the day my Ultra arrived, I booked myself onto a sleeper train up to the Scottish Highlands for a three day hiking trip to really see how it performed. I ended up hiking just over 61 miles.

I put together a video journaling my experience over this trip. This is the best way to really capture the experience of using the Ultra:

MacDailyNews Take: Apple Watch Ultra is certainly the best Apple Watch yet made for hiking!

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  1. I am acious to see if the accidental Action button press during a tennis workout is an issue for me. Thank you for the heads up. I am curious, what app are you using to show the topographic map on your watch while hiking?

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