‘iPhone 15 Ultra’ said to replace ‘Pro Max’ naming, get USB-C, two front cameras

A Twitter tipster, Majin Bu, says that Apple will replace the “Pro Max” model name with “Ultra,” as in: the iPhone 15 Ultra which will sport two (2) front-facing cameras and USB-C instead of Lightning.

Dynamic Island
iPhone 14 Pro Max

Majin Bu via Twitter:

According to what is reported by my source iPhone 15 Ultra will have 2 front cameras, USB-C and will start from 256GB. iPhone 15 Pro instead will always start from 128GB and will have USB-C but only 1 front camera.

Also the line will be iPhone 15, 15 Plus, 15 Pro and 15 Ultra. The Ultra line is expected to replace the current Pro Max line.

MacDailyNews Take: The iPhone + Number + “Pro Max” was always pretty awful and unwieldy. iPhone + Number + “Ultra” is simpler and better.

Of course, even better would be:

• iPhone
• iPhone Plus
• iPhone Pro
• iPhone Ultra

Each would be identified parenthetically with the year à la MacBook Pro (2021).

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  1. At this point, who cares? Why do you and other “want to be in the know” Apple media outlets do this every year? Within a week or two of a release, y’all are already predicting names and features of supposed products. Can we just enjoy what we have and know now? Yes, we as users are always wanting or expecting for the most part different things each year. Why waste time on what things could be next year. Hell if this administration has anything to do with it, I doubt most of us are going to be able to afford it

  2. Well, they do it because there’s demand for such speculation. People make a living out of such clickbait, not just where electronic devices are concerned, but almost everywhere – sports, politics etc. I regularly go “ooh” and “aah” when I read about such paradigm-shattering developments in the pipeline – even though my “oohs” and “aahs” miraculously vanish when the time comes to put my money where my mouth is. I’ve still got my iPhone XR, in line with a pledge I made a long time ago to only renew my iPhone at each fifth iteration. Apple makes solid products in terms of longevity and operational health. So iPhone 15 it is for me next – and then I hope to still be alive when iPhone 20 comes out.

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