What to expect at Apple’s ‘Far Out’ live event: iPhone 14, Apple Watch, and more

Apple is holding a special event, titled “Far Out”, where it is expected to unveil a range of products on September 7th; to be streamed live from its Apple Park campus.

It's official: Apple's 'Far out' special media event set for September 7th
Image from Apple’s ‘Far out’ invitation to the media

Andrew Griffin for The Independent:

iPhone 14

If the new iPhone – or, rather, four different versions of it – does not appear, then it would be a major shock. This is basically confirmed, though Apple of course will not say so until it actually makes the announcement.

The update will primarily focus on the Pro version of the phone, rumours suggest. That will include a new design and improved cameras.

But the non-Pro phone will get an update, too – including the ending of the “Mini” size, and the introduction of a new one.

Apple Watch

Or, more likely, five different ones. In addition to the usual updates – a version of Watch in two different materials, and in two different sizes – Apple is preparing to add a new model to the line-up.

That is rumoured to be a “Pro” watch, which will include a bigger display without extending the size of the Watch itself, as well as a more rugged design.

New AirPods Pro

The AirPods Pro have been the same since they were first released in 2019. And while there are few complaints about them, new features are expected to arrive this year.

They could have new fitness tracking features, thanks to improved motion sensors, as well as making use of new wireless capabilities for better sound.

MacDailyNews Take: Then, likely in early October, Apple will unveil new iPads and Macs for the holiday shopping season!

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  1. I don’t know why anybody would buy AW8. A new processor is the bare minimum that any products should have to shove last years processor in a new watch is foolish.

    1. I do not think they’ve updated the processor in 3 years. They just rebrand it. My problem is battery life is garbage since the Apple Watch 5. My Apple Watch 2 still outshines the newer watches in battery life.

      I suspect some supply chain choices got us to this point.

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