It’s official: Apple’s ‘Far out’ special media event set for September 7th

Apple’s next product launch event will take place on September 7th, the company announced in an invitation sent out to media outlets on Wednesday where Apple is expected to reveal next-generation iPhones and Apple Watches.

It's official: Apple's 'Far out' special media event set for September 7th
Image from Apple’s ‘Far out’ invitation to the media

Apple is expected to unveil four “iPhone 14” models:

• 6.1-inch iPhone 14
• 6.7-inch iPhone 14 Max (or, perhaps “Plus”)
• 6.1-inch iPhone 14 Pro
• 6.7-inch iPhone 14 Pro Max flagship

Also expected at the “Far out” event is the Apple Watch Series 8 with a body temperature sensor. A new Apple Watch SE is also rumored along with a new high-end, ruggedized 50mm (Apple Watch Extreme?) model for extreme sports athletes.

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  1. Everyone wants to talk about AR/VR goggles with this, but sorry, Apple will never push an iPhone launch into the background, to watch all the media faun over some goggles that won’t hit the market for some time after they are announced. That is NOT what this is about. Nice tease of course, but uh, no.

    So what is this about? This is about the dot projection distance and tech. In 2020, Apple patented a new version of dot projection tech. Essentially allowing for it to reach a longer range via flood illumination.

    With newer cameras, all-new custom silicon, new dot projection and software, Apple’s combining these elements to achieve a long-distance dot projection tech to scan more than just 6ft or so, but an entirely large room or perhaps beyond. We’ll know soon enough!

    And yes, while it launches in iPhone 14 Pro’s (or perhaps just iPhone 14 Pro Max) will will certainly be a staple technology of the forthcoming goggles and car (likely eliminating the need for costly and bulky LiDAR).

    1. Reading around a bit more, while I think my original thought on a much more sophisticated camera dot projection system will be included, pushing the envelope in this space, paving the way for the AV/VR goggles, it appears that Apple’s emergency satellite solution may be in the offing…

      Thus, what Apple may be specifically teasing/marketing with their invitation, is how your iPhone 14 Pro’s (likely just the Pro and it’s new A-series chipset?…), will be able to always be connected. Hiking in the rockies? Sprain and ankle, break a leg? Message or call 911 – not a problem.

      Drive off the road at night where there is no reception? Fall off your bike? Lose power due to a storm? You and your iPhone 14 Pro ilk can call for help.

      On and on, this can be used and this would appear to be the “Far Out” reference. But I still think the camera tech is likely also ; )

    2. Aah you have hit some logic here for this looks like the perfect tease for AR/VR devices so why would you waste it for things that are not in this sphere. But as you were detailing the dot projection I was internally shouting that surely this is ideal tech for such goggles/glasses. But clearly you do see it and yes if this tech vital to those later products is to be high lighted here as part of the phones then absolutely there is the logic inherent in doing so. It’s not wasting an AR/VR tease at all its powerfully highlighting it as part of their most important and presently relevant product opening the way for its Hollywood moment in the first half of next year. I applaud your vision…. Unless it proves spurious of course 😇.

  2. sounds like something to do with the “far out” meta verse. The event will mostly focus on upgrades for the iPhone ecosystem and a “one more thing” moment with Apple’s glasses. Very “far out” expensive, very “far out” tech and a chance for apple to hardware test and milk a very “far out” customer at a crazy high price point. Mostly back ordered until mass production in 2023

    1. L O V E the in-person event. This is DIRECTLY in the face of some lazy Apple employees who have either joined the cult of masks and horrific jabs (that do not protect from current COVID strains, help you actually GET current COVID strings, help one move up the % to get cancers and other diseases – depending where those lipid nano particles and cells are told to keep creating spike proteins…), or they are not part of the cult of Fauci, and rather, are all into playing Fortnite, eating out every meal and doing about an hour of work a day for their overpay and want NO ACCOUNTABLY WHATSOEVER.

      Solutions: Just Fire Them Apple! Just Fire Them!!!

      Apple: But we need the workers!!!

      Response: You just answered your own panic Apple. These people DO NOT WORK. Firing them does NOT cost you a loss of workers. Duh!!!

      1. Geez I don’t think you are the ‘crazy ones’ that SJ was referring to when he emphasised their positivity upon societal progress. By the way all those negatives you speak of are all part of catching Covid, the damage it does to us like any virus indeed, is only detected as we go through life and usually unrelated by that time. Immunisation while like taking aspirin or indeed any medicine ( which most conspiracy theorists are happy to take) is never 100% safe but has no such legacy as that caused by viruses despite being used for a century and more. You take your choice I guess but is this really the place to push your bs.

      2. Uh, taking a vaccine primes your immune system to FIGHT a virus. It does not CAUSE the virus or increase the chances you get “cancers and other diseases.”

        Also, if all your work is done on a computer, does it really matter where that computer is located? The pandemic showed many of us that it’s not necessary to drive into a central office to do the work that’s asked of us. I don’t blame Apple’s workers (or any workers, really) who don’t want to go back to a daily commute if it’s truly not needed.

        I managed a small design team during the pandemic that was 100% remote (well, except for me). We got all our work done, every day. Employees who want to stay remote DO work and work hard… they just don’t want to waste half their time commuting. Honestly, I don’t blame them.

        1. Biden, Mrs. Biden, Dr. Fauci, et al. — twice vaccinated, twice boosted came down with Covid, some multiple times. Naturally immunity works much better by default. Obviously you parrot INCOMPLETE partial science for profit, whatever.

          Could not care less about your small company working successfully at home. You are the overwhelming exception — not the RULE and BTW, good for you.

          Has nothing to do with wasting time commuting, that’s the No. 1 green EXCUSE along with dozens of others. Well over 80% of the population go to work where they are NEEDED as determined by their employer.

          Agree with MDN and others, the most opportune time to cull the herd and immediately fire the underperforming, lazy, whining Apple snowflake deadwood. As surveys have pointed out they sometimes waste more time, proving they are working to justify remote existence to employers, is certainly not PRODUCTIVE. No way to keep tabs on a remote employee unless they are under camera surveillance 8 hours or more per day and no one will agree to those conditions.

          Cut ’em lose, Apple! Sooner, the better for overall company health…

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