Taiwan accuses Chinese Apple supplier of stealing trade secrets, charges 14 people

Prosecutors in Taiwan on Friday accused a Chinese Apple supplier of stealing commercial secrets from a Taiwanese supplier and poaching its workforce to win orders from the U.S. company, saying it had charged 14 people.



Taiwan has been stepping up efforts to stop what it views as underhand and illegal activities by Chinese firms to steal know-how and poach away talent in what Taipei’s government views as a threat to the island’s tech prowess.

Prosecutors in New Taipei said after a year-and-a-half investigation they had found that China’s Luxshare Precision Industry Co Ltd had targeted Taiwanese competitor Catcher Technology Co Ltd “in order to quickly enter the Apple production chain to win orders”.

Luxshare “lured” Catcher’s China based research and development team with promises of high salaries and stole business secrets from the Taiwanese firm, causing them big losses, the prosecutors said in a statement.

Luxshare was doing this in order to be able to “quickly build factories and mass produce cases for iPhones, iPads and other products”, the statement said… Taipei prosecutors have now charged 14 people in connection with the case for breach of trust and taking commercial secrets for use overseas, they added.

MacDailyNews Take: China stealing trade secrets? Shocking.

In 2019, CNBC surveyed North American CFOs and found that 1 in 5 corporations said China has stolen their IP within the last year.

IP theft is China’s modus operandi.

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  1. China Inc is scum. Apple needs to re-shore a significant amount of production back to the USA and around the world in non communist countries. That cook hasn’t diversified production is an business school 101 failure and makes him subject to shareholder fiduciary failure lawsuits.

    1. My what a broad brush you have.

      Isn’t it amazing how xenophobes can castigate millions of people they’ve never met based on nothing more than place of birth?

      In America, if one bad actor breaks the law, do you similarly declare all Americans to be scum? Or just the half that don’t subscribe to your republitard hate theories?

  2. They should get out of China because of their atrocious human rights record. There are other developing countries that are quite capable of taking up the slack such as Indonesia. Oh they couldn’t do that because they’re a parliamentary democracy. I’m so over Cook’s Apple and I reckon Steve Jobs is rolling in his grave over this.

    So now I don’t bother updating my iMac’s OS because I can’t play 32 bit games. I can’t update my iMac because Cook did away with 27 inch iMacs and if the rumours are correct I’ll have to buy an iMac Pro. NOT!

    It’s a shame because I really want to continue my 29 year association with Apple but they just keep on putting barriers in the way.

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