Apple improves SMS filtering on Messages to iPhone users in iOS 16 beta 2

Apple on Wednesday released iOS 16 beta 2, announcing in the operating system release notes some new SMS filtering features coming to Messages.

In Messages, users can now edit or recall recently sent messages.
With iOS 16, in Messages users can now edit or recall recently sent messages.

José Adorno for 9to5Mac:

Apple had already teased in a WWDC 2022 session that iOS 16 would add 12 new subcategories to the SMS filtering API. With beta 2, they’re now available to developers to use. The company stated that iOS 16 beta 2 “allows developers to classify incoming SMS from unknown numbers into 12 new sub-categories within Transaction and Promotion categories for improved organization.”

In addition, dual-SIM iPhone users can now filter their messages based on their SIMs. They can choose to display “All Lines,” or just its primary or second SIM number.

MacDailyNews Take: Messages, with which Android simply cannot compete, continues to get better and better!

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