Apple Watch Series 3 elimination – finally! – frees watchOS 9 to be insanely great

Apple has finally eliminated the ancient (in “tech time”) Apple Watch Series 3 from supporting the latest watchOS release, freeing watchOS 9 to be insanely great without having to support hardware that will turn five years old when the operating system in released, José Adorno writes for 9to5Mac.

Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS + Cellular)
Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS + Cellular)

Apple Watch Series 3 runs on a 32-bit dual-core Apple S3 chip (Apple Watch Series 7 sports a 64-bit dual-core S7) and offers just 8GB (GPS) or 16GB (GPS+Cellular) RAM (Series 7 has 32 GB for both GPS and GPS+Cellular). The Series 3 displays are small (38mm: 1.337-in, 272×340 pixels and 42mm: 1.533-in 312×390 pixels) versus the current Series 7 (41mm: 1.691-in 352×430 pixels and 45mm: 1.901-in 396×484 pixels).

José Adorno for 9to5Mac:

Apple previewed watchOS 9 during the WWDC 2022 keynote. For the first time, not only the company is bringing a ton of features to the Apple Watch, but it seems Apple finally learned how to let go of the Apple Watch Series 3, as the five-years-old wearable won’t support this upcoming operating system…

With the Apple Watch Series 3 losing support to watchOS 9, Apple can finally ditch smaller screens.

I honestly think watchOS 9 is the greatest update for the Apple Watch in years and the main reason is Apple Watch Series 3 going away for good. I know it’s a very affordable wearable for those who just want an Apple device to track their daily activities, but with new Watches coming soon and so many new technologies available, Apple is making the right move to support watchOS 9 only to newer Watches.

MacDailyNews Take: Apple certainly supported the Series 3 for much longer than would normally be expected. The Series 3 served its purpose of providing affordable hardware to first-time buyers, but Apple has other options now (SE) and, when the Series 9 debuts this fall, the Series 7 will drop in price and a next-gen SE with the larger display will likely arrive as well for first-time and/or budget-conscious buyers.

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  1. I certainly got excellent value from my Series 3, purchased when it was the latest and greatest. It still works 100%, including battery. Since I mostly use it to track my running (and tell time), I’ll keep using it a while longer. I bought it because I was using my old iPod nano (with the Nike sensor on shoe) and Nike stopped supporting it for data syncing. Then, the Nike app on my Watch became more and more unreliable, regularly crashing during my runs. After switching to the Strava fitness app, I’ve been happy.

  2. Does anyone else think that Apple Watch and watchOS has been unnecessarily complicated? It seems like complications was a very appropriate name for the icons used with Apple Watch and watchOS.

  3. Harumph. WatchOS 10 is going to be better. I’m
    In contact with people unauthorized to talk to the media but who are nevertheless spilling the tea that we ain’t seen nothing’ yet, watchOS 10 is going to be a true stunner of “watch this space” proportions.

    And yes, to needlessly confirm, it was never going to work on AWS3.

  4. Biden is Apple Watch 3. His brain has no more capacity to be upgraded. He is being discontinued, That’s Biden, Al’s moronic Pal.

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