Analyst: Apple’s brand is worth $1 trillion. Meta’s is not.

Apple this week reclaimed its title as the world’s most valuable brand, last held in 2015, according to a new survey from Kantar BrandZ, knocking Amazon off the top spot for the first time in three years. Apple’s brand value reached $947 billion this year. Google-parent Alphabet was second, valued at $820 billon. Amazon was third at $706 billon. Facebook-parent Meta comes in a distant 8th, valued at $186 billon.

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Brian Swint for Barron’s:

That bodes poorly for Meta’s customer acquisition costs, said analysts at Needham led by Laura Martin. The company’s rank fell to eighth from sixth and its value slipped 18%.

“Brand value is a lead indicator of consumer adoption, churn levels and pricing power,” Martin wrote in a note. “Falling consumer brand value makes us incrementally more cautious about Meta.”

Brand values are correlated with lifetime value per user, Needham said. That’s good news for Apple (AAPL), which was found to be No. 1 brand globally by both Kantar and the Prophet Brand Relevance Index.

“We are buyers of Apple,” the note said.

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    1. Microsoft is indeed essential. Even Apple relies on Microsoft to a degree far greater that the fanboys would like to admit. For starters, a significant part of iCloud services are hosted from MS Azure servers.

      It’s unclear however why anyone would consider Facebook essential for anything. Apple would be wise to undermine Facebook at every possible opportunity, since FB is merely a personal data thief and ad merchant that, on the side, hosts misinformation networks. Not unlike this Google packed site, actually.

    1. Don’t take anything on face value here.

      This site doesn’t actually read or analyze anything. It reposts stories, no matter how stupid, in an effort to pump AAPL stock and its selective political personages. Or, hypocritically, to vilify Apple employees or Google, on which this site relies for ad income. Accuracy and integrity aren’t on the agenda.

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