GeekBench: 13-inch M2 MacBook Pro beats Apple’s $5,999 Intel-handicapped Mac Pro

Apple’s new M2 MacBook Pro outperforms the $5,999 base model of the Intel-handicapped Mac Pro in Geekbench 5 benchmarks.

Apple's new 13-inch M2 MacBook Pro
Apple’s new 13-inch M2 MacBook Pro

Ali Salman for Wccftech:

The new MacBook Pro with an M2 chip appeared on Geekbench 5 a few days ago, revealing the single and multi-core scores of the chip. In the multi-core department, the M2 MacBook Pro scored a massive 8,928 while the Mac Pro scored 8,027. The M2 chip went head to head with Mac Pro’s Intel Xeon chip, with surprising results. Take note that the scores are being compared with the base model of the Mac Pro which costs a staggering $5,999.

The higher-end configuration of the Mac Pro is still able to outperform the M2 chip inside the new MacBook Pro but costs $6,999 or higher depending on the configuration options… Nonetheless, Apple’s custom silicon chips have grown to compete against the giants of the industry in a very short time.

MacDailyNews Take: Apple embarrasses Intel yet again.

Check out the GeekBench results here.

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  1. First, virtually no one buys the very base model of the Mac Pro. It’s primarily there for Apple to be able to say, “Starting as low as…”, and for no other reason.

    Second, the Mac Pro is running chips designed in 2017/2018 and started shipping to the world well over three years ago. A brand new M2 chip damn well better beat a three plus year old chip.

    Third, you buy a MacBook Pro as is these days. It’s a locked in design. You buy a Mac Pro for what you can do with it, not just the various options you can choose with the initial build.

    For me the M1 was and is a marvel — especially the M1 Ultra. Period.

    The M2 so far is a bit of a disappointment. A large fraction of its increased speed is due to increased clock rate over the M1 and for graphics by adding more cores. Where’s the instructions per clock increase? Where’s the PCIe 5 support? Where’s the 80 Gbps Thunderbolt support? (DisplayPort has been there for quite some time, but Thunderbolt is still stuck at 40!) Where are all the breakthroughs we should have been able to expect with the M2?

    It’s almost like the M2 design teams said, “The M1 is already beating the crap out of any comparable processor, so even if we only make the M2 ever so slightly better than the M1, we’re fine.”

  2. Not only does Apple embarrass Intel, Apple embarasses Apple, because Apple still sells Intel in the power-sucking $6000 base model Mac flagship that can’t beat a base model M2 MacBook on battery power. Apple seems to be making current Mac Pro a “build-to-order” purchase at this point. Maybe it’s been that way for a while. I configured one at online Apple Store and delivery time is about one month. But there are plenty of discounted configurations available immediately on the Apple Certified Refurbished part of Apple Store. The only other Intel Mac remaining in lineup is the dark Mac mini.

  3. Of course noob AppleBS, returded third cousin of ÄppleĆynic who moronically likes to say Hi, would say “this is another example of ApplêBS” in action.

    Of course, as per usual, he is wronger than a Biden supporter claiming Bidementia and Bidenflation is fake news. He’ll never been abiding by logic, only the sheer numbskullery AppleBoofStewpid is capable of, because, well, he’s just that kinda guy. It is truly sad, and it is sadly true.

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