Brett Goldstein talks ‘Ted Lasso’ and his new Apple TV+ comedy ‘Shrinking’ starring Harrison Ford

In a new interview with Deadline, Brett Goldstein (Roy Kent) discussed ‘Ted Lasso’ and his upcoming new Apple TV+ comedy ‘Shrinking’ starring Jason Segel and Harrison Ford.

Brett Goldstein talks ‘Ted Lasso’ and his new Apple TV+ comedy ‘Shrinking’ starring Harrison Ford
Brett Goldstein won the 2021 Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series.

Nadia Neophytou for Deadline:

Playing Roy Kent on Ted Lasso hasn’t just given Brett Goldstein the biggest success of his career, with an Emmy award and tons of acclaim to boot; the hot-tempered but bookish star-player-turned-coach role has given TV viewers one of the most indelible characters of our time. As a co-producer, writer and executive story editor on the show, Goldstein is a major part of its international success. His next project sees him re-teaming as EP and writer with Ted Lasso co-producer Bill Lawrence for Shrinking, another Apple TV+ series, about a grieving therapist played by Jason Segel, co-starring Harrison Ford.

GOLDSTEIN: I’ve said it before, I promise I’m not being humble, or fake humble, or whatever. I honestly didn’t think anyone would watch this show. It was Apple TV, it was new. I thought most people didn’t even know how to access the thing, let alone watch anything on it. I thought, No one is going to watch this. We’ve made this really special thing for us, and no one will ever see it. And I also didn’t know if it would connect. It was half-English, Half-American, and those things often don’t work, and football rarely works on screen. There were so many things that were like, this might not work. I genuinely didn’t think anyone would watch it, so this whole thing is… It’s extraordinary, it’s fucking mad. It’s insane.

DEADLINE: This is Harrison Ford’s first ongoing TV role. How has that been?

GOLDSTEIN: He’s so far been amazing. I was thinking about it, and he’s always been funny. He’s funny in Indiana Jones, he’s funny in all of his work, he’s naturally funny. He’s not done a straight comedy before, and you’ll have to ask him, but I think he’s loving it, and he’s so funny.

MacDailyNews Take: Much more in the full interview here.

We’d put up a Roy Kent clip, but they’re all NSFW. Aw, fsck it, nobody’s working in the office anymore anyway:

NSFW (depending on where you work):

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