Apple Studio Display backorders stretch over 8 weeks, resellers asking over $3,000 per unit

Half-baked webcam be damned – people who buy displays actually buy them for the quality of the display (if they want a high-quality webcam, they add one) – Apple’s Studio Display is as sold out as sold out gets, with backorders stretching past 8 weeks and eBay resellers pricing units over $3,000.

Apple's Studio Display
Apple’s Studio Display

Chance Miller for 9to5Mac:

Over three months after its initial announcement, Apple’s new Studio Display continues to face significant supply constraints. Currently, the entry-level Studio Display with the tilt-adjustable stand and standard glass is backordered to late July into early August, and there’s no indication those shipping estimates will improve anytime soon. In the meantime, resellers are cashing-in…

Neither Best Buy nor B&H Photo are even accepting orders for the Studio Display, with both listing all models as completely out of stock and temporarily unavailable.

Most every Studio Display sold on eBay recently has fetched over $2,000, with some prices even nearing $3,000. This is true for auction and “buy it now” listings, as well as different configurations of the Studio Display itself… Other Studio Display variations with the nano-texture are even selling for over $3,000 and sometimes near $4,000.

MacDailyNews Take: If you got your Apple Studio Display(s) early, enjoy them! You’ve got a tough-to-get Apple product exclusively for a good part of the summer, maybe longer.

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