President Trump’s Truth Social now on web via browser, no longer confined to Apple devices

Former President Trump’s Trump Media & Technology Group on Wednesday launched the Truth Social Web App, allowing users to access Truth Social from any Internet-connected computer, phone, or device via web browser. The launch comes in advance of the originally anticipated May 31st target date. The app was previously only available on Apple’s App Store for iPhone.

President Trump’s Truth Social now on web via browser, no longer confined to Apple devices
President Trump’s Truth Social is now available on the web via browser

New and existing users can now sign up for and access Truth Social from any Internet-connected device in the United States at

Christopher Hutton for The Washington Examiner:

“End of May, we will launch PWA (Web Browser) this will allow access from any device,” CEO Devin Nunes wrote in a May 2 post on the platform. “After that, we will launch an Android App … pending approval from Google!” It is unclear when the Android app will be accessible, although Android users can access Truth Social through the web app in the meantime.

Trump favors Truth Social over all other competitors and will even if Elon Musk follows through with his promise to reinstate his account upon acquiring Twitter, the former president announced in a Monday securities filing.

Trump Media & Technology Group also announced other expansion plans, including offerings of “non-woke” entertainment via TMTG+, a Netflix competitor that will be “the home for a wide variety of non-scripted, scripted, and original content.”

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    1. Kind of funny that only those of legal voting age are allowed to register for an account though, isn’t it?

      The requirement to provide a cell phone number makes it a hard pass for many people too… at least email addresses can be hidden.

      1. Apparently the dead can vote but can’t register for a social media account. Kind of funny.

        Cell phone is the new CAPTCHA.

  1. Any politically focused social media platform will be a cesspool of disinformation and alternative facts. DemocRATs and RepubliCONs are a political virus that needs to be removed from our systems.

  2. Been using the app, but it’s sometimes more convenient to use the web – obviously while on my Mac – so it’s great to have it in the browser now, too. Works perfectly in Safari as far as I can tell!

  3. This is the real hat:


        1. dantheman827 selfie when questioned about the 2020 election irregularities.

          1. Acres don’t count as votes, tweets don’t count as votes, and sadly tens of thousands of disenfranchised Americans didn’t count as votes either.

      1. Lol.
        Joined Twitter 2 months ago. 40 followers…
        Which makes you a total irrelevancy a bitter failure in the real world. Best go to theTruth echo chamber, they like your kind there.

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