Apple’s new hire of Ford Veteran could supercharge ‘Apple Car’ project

Apple’s hire of another auto industry insider, Desi Ujkashevic, a 31-year Ford Motor Co. veteran, has the car and tech industries buzzing about “Apple Car” again.

Apple's new hire of Ford Veteran could supercharge 'Apple Car' project

Mark Gurman for Bloomberg News:

Ujkashevic is the highest-profile move to Apple under the division’s current leader, Kevin Lynch. It’s the surest sign in several months that Apple is pushing ahead with its vehicle efforts, undeterred by a series of setbacks.

The project has been in flux for more than a year amid several executive departures, most notably that of Doug Field, who ran the operation prior to leaving in September… Field evidently decided trying to turn Ford into an electric-vehicle powerhouse would be a more worthwhile task than attempting to launch Apple’s next big thing. He was the fourth executive to run and then leave the vehicle program in a six-year period.

So Apple put a known commodity in charge: Lynch, who had joined from Adobe Inc. in 2013 and led development of the Apple Watch’s software and health features… A smartwatch is a complicated product, but it’s far from as complex as a car. Apple can only succeed if it brings in expertise from the auto world — individuals like Ujkashevic who actually know something about shipping a vehicle.

MacDailyNews Take: Hopefully for “Apple Car,” the sixteenth time is the charm.

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  1. Do you remember when early claims stated it was aimed to launch the Apple car in 2019. That was ridiculous but surely they can’t delay too many more years if it is going to make an impact. I remember thinking it had to be out there by 2025 at the latest if it were going to take advantage electronics/computer companies might have over traditional or established producers. Can that possibly happen? If not it will get progressively more difficult to pull off I fear.

  2. There will never be an Apple car, to continue to perpetuate this myth is almost malpractice…

    I think its just a way Apple takes a tax write off for throwing $$ into something that will never appear, but keeps people thinking something is coming….

    At most some car add-on’s may eventually appear, however you’d think that would have already happened considering how long we’ve been following this charade.

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