President Trump posts on Apple iPhone-only Truth Social: “I’M BACK!”

Former U.S. President Donald Trump posted his second Truth on the currently Apple iPhone-only Truth Social late Thursday for the first time since the app he founded launched two months ago, saying “I’M BACK!” and tagged with #COVFEFE above and image of him posting the Truth from his Mar-a-Lago Club’s putting green.

President Trump posts on Apple iPhone-only (for now) Truth Social: "I'M BACK!"
President Trump posts on Apple iPhone-only (for now) Truth Social: “I’M BACK!”

The Truth Social website currently says an Android port of the currently iPhone exclusive is “coming soon” to Google’s Play store.


Trump broke his silence as Elon Musk sealed a $44 billion deal to buy Twitter… Republicans cheered Musk’s buyout of the social media platform in the hope that the Tesla Inc Chief Executive, who has vowed to relax content moderation practices to restore free speech, will invite Trump back to the site.

Since the deal was announced this week, Trump has said he would not return to Twitter.

Trump’s silence on his own app since the launch of Truth Social on Apple Inc’s App Store on Feb. 21 has raised questions about its long term viability.

In Thursday’s message, called a “truth” on the app, Trump wrote, “I’M BACK! #COVFEFE”, referencing a typo on a Twitter message he sent while president that complained about the press and was widely memed.

Trump Media & Technology Group (TMTG), Truth Social’s parent company, is planning to go public through a merger with blank-check firm Digital World Acquisition Corp (DWAC), shares of which were up 7.7% pre-market Friday.

MacDailyNews Take: Android settlers. Forever waiting for lowest common denominator posts from Apple’s iOS.

A quick check at 6:25am PDT / 9:25am EDT shows that Truth Social remains the No.1 most-downloaded app on Apple’s App Store:
Truth Social remains the No.1 most-downloaded app on Apple's App Store

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    1. Ohh nooo…TDS is regaining strength in some nuts. Practice and repeat after me…

      It’s his personality (and hair) I don’t like. He didn’t commit any crime…as the many, many, many courts/judges and Nancy have confirmed. Say this every moment the feeling emerges. This may mean taking a week off work, because TDS can be consuming for many.

        1. The coup was Biden’s “Most Extensive and Inclusive Voter Fraud Organization” in effect. Trump knew the left couldn’t allow a fair election and the evidence is all there that it was indeed stolen in 2020.

          1. Dumpty was claiming fraud for every election since 2015. It was his attempt at scaring his ultra right base to turn out for the election. On popular vote, the GOP hasn’t won for decades. If it wasn’t for blatant gerrymandering and the ridiculous 18th century bad idea electoral college tipping the scales, the dinosaur party would have joined the Whigs by now.

            There is no left and right. Neither party represents the people. You have corporate puppet party A versus corporate puppet party B lying through their teeth to infuriate the 40% of idiot Americans to vote against their own interests. Nothing has changed for the better since Tricky Dick lied his ass off to the American people.

            The question every 4 years is which is the lesser of the evils. The people clearly decided, the polls were valid, and all the recounts and courts confirmed it. Sorry sore losers, you can’t have two winners leave a field of competition. The most corrupt self serving nepotistic asshat ever to sit in the white house lost soundly in 2020.

            Goebling says Nuff Said.

        2. How embarrassing and horrific. He should be in jail, and though I am normally against capital punishment he should be executed considering the damage he’s done. Treason. Mass murder. A monster as well as nauseatingly disgusting fool.

    2. About 75% of Americans and 90% of the rest of the world would be happy if the Don would concentrate on his business and let someone younger manage the government. He had his 4 years, and his lack of cooperation with his own party showed he was ineffective in cutting the red tape. Inflammatory tweets are not leadership. It’s not even a question of left versus right. Don just didn’t work hard for the little guy as promised, and he golfed incessantly. I would never hire someone like that to work for me. Why would you? There are better candidates.

  1. The Truth Social app is really working well. Fast and looks great.

    The Rumble Cloud so far seems to be able to handle the large influx of users.


        1. When you have nothing to disprove Joe, it’s really handy of you to demonstrate what an asshole you are by resorting to juvenile personal attacks. That kind of behavior is guaranteed to attract the best kind of people to your fantasy rule-free metaverse.

  2. Welcome back President Trump and Godspeed to Truth Social success!!!

    The most WRONGLY maligned and HOUNDED President 24/7/365 by Democrats, their water carriers and plants in the Liberal media, deep state spying and lying, Clinton smear machine, and assorted hate filled state officials filing frivolous lawsuits.

    You have always stood tall and have NO FEAR, God bless.

    Let the reckoning begin…

      1. And how will he be in jail soon? Every Soros appointed DA in the USA has been clawing since June 2015 for something that will stick. The CIA, DOJ and FBI have been searching since 2015. Two impeachment efforts failed. 90% of the mainstream press has been searching since 2015. Every committee in the House has been searching since 2015. Seven years and nobody has found anything. SEVEN YEARS! Why is that? Is Trump too smart? Everyone else too dumb? He hasn’t committed a crime? Please explain, Brandon.

          1. I wonder if Joe and Hunter are equally skilled at keeping their emails or texts under control. Oops! Guess not! Same goes for Hillary!

            1. Dumpty had 4 years to lock up his opponents. Is he incompetent or was there not any evidence to support your delusional misinformation campaigns? Please tell how always-victim Dumpty couldn’t follow through to drain the swamp. He left it fuller than ever with lying scum. Like the troll working this site for Dumpty, for example.

  3. I mean, truth may by topping charts, but how many people who weren’t already Trump fans going to even bother?

    it’s a social network intended to spread information (probably misinformation and propaganda if Parler was any indication) about elections, the red white and blue color scheme just screams “PATRIOTISM!”, but if that’s the case, it’s goal is to get the next republican president back in through any means necessary.

  4. So glad all the MAGA Trumpublicans will be heading over to Truth Social. Good riddance. Now, if only the woke a-holes would put together their own fake Twitter and go there, all the reasonable people can enjoy a revitalized Twitter with Elon at the helm! A man can dream can’t he?

    1. About in-line, or a bit better than your favorites; CNN and MSNBC.

      The Russian Collusion Story was featured there and it was really good, complex and enduring. Many are feeling quite the sting that it’s no longer playing. Send a note to Rachel to get the link to the re-runs.

      Or, just wait for the new Bureau of Proper Thinking to create some new nugget. It may not be truth, but it’s likely to pacify until the truth emerges (again).

      1. I agree with this. Let’s get some young people in there. Problem is, the rich white people won’t let this happen, but eventually, they won’t be around anymore.

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