CNN+ subscription streaming service is a steaming flop

Faced with a comically low adoption rate, the $5.99-per-month streaming video service CNN+ is not expected to last long with some content rolled into other Warner Bros. Discovery apps and outlets.

CNN+ subscription streaming service is a steaming flop

Ariel Zilber for The New York Post:

The service’s total number of daily viewers has yet to surpass 10,000, according to reports.

The latest black eye for the left-leaning network comes after a tumultuous year when its chief, Jeff Zucker, stepped down after admitting to a consensual relationship with Allison Gollust, his former lieutenant at the company. It also comes after star anchor Chris Cuomo was fired for his involvement advising his brother, former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, as he faced a sexual harassment scandal.

The minimal viewership is a far cry from initial projections provided to network executives.

The network expected that CNN+ would net some 2 million subscribers in the US during the first year of operation.

By year four, the service was projected to count between 15 million and 18 million subscribers.

Sara Fischer for Axios:

Warner Bros. Discovery has suspended all external marketing spend for CNN+ and has laid off CNN’s longtime chief financial officer as it weighs what to do with the subscription streaming service moving forward, five sources tell Axios.

Warner Bros. Discovery executives see an opportunity to possibly include some CNN+ content on CNN’s app and make that video available for free and supported by ads, according to one source. Other CNN+ programming could live within HBO Max.

Discovery executives are focused mostly on returning CNN to its journalistic core, a point Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav reiterated in a town hall last week. That includes less of a focus on primetime perspective programming, and more of a focus on hard, breaking news.

Around $300 million has been spent and hundreds of jobs have been created to support the service.

MacDailyNews Take: It seems that people aren’t quite as stupid as CNN assumed. Looks like zero credibility equals zero subscribers.

Bottom line: One less subscription service means more SVOD subscription dollars available for Apple TV+ and others.

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    1. Yes, you have identified the main purveyors of FAKE NEWS. Their numbers in viewership and circulation are way down as the average common sense person simply seeks THE TRUTH. Obviously, the biased media has trouble providing…

    2. Using VPN and subscribing to Sling so I could watch Fox News, Fox Business and Fox Nation.

      Our local providers believe CNN and Bloomberg is what I should be happy with. *** them.

    3. CNN+ is my favorite service. I love it. It’s a major plus in my life. I have subscribed 3 times to make a contribution. I am special like that. I signed up with my Samsung A53.

  1. it’s not that CNN isn’t credible. that’s the right wing mantra of course, but that’s not the issue.

    the issue is there’s no reason to pay $6 for material that’s available for free and isn’t all that compelling.

  2. Fox News Channel was America’s only cable news offering to surpass the one-million viewer plateau, averaging 1.7 million from March 14-20 while CNN averaged 771,000 and MSNBC averaged 683,000 viewers (1.45 combined). It was the 32nd straight week that Fox News outdrew CNN and MSNBC combined in the category, and FNC finished with 97 of the 100 most-watched cable news telecasts in the process.

    “Tucker Carlson Tonight” was the most-watched cable news offering of the week, averaging 3.5 million viewers. “Tucker” also finished atop the advertiser-coveted demographic of adults age 25-54, averaging 362,000 viewers among the key group. “The Five” finished second in both categories, followed by “Hannity” “Jesse Watters Primetime” and “Special Report with Bret Baier.”

    “Gutfeld!” averaged 2.1 million viewers to have its second-best week ever, topping even ABC’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” and NBC’s “The Tonight show Starring Jimmy Fallon.”

    “FOX & Friends” continued its dominance, averaging 1.4 million viewers to beat cable news morning competition for the 52nd straight week, as CNN’s long-struggling “New Day” averaged only 568,000 and MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” settled for an average audience of 842,000.

    — Nielsen Audience Measurement

    1. Fox’s numbers aren’t that surprising when you realize that they were for a long time the ‘face’ of right wing leaning opinions and news in a comparatively smaller pool than sources considered left leaning ‘mainstream’. In addition a significant portion of the programming on Fox that is the ‘draw’ for their viewership is not the ‘news’ but the opinion programming akin to talk shows which is somehow believed by some to be news.

        1. Nice to know that there may be some balance at Fox. So which program actually has both viewpoints being expressed in a “meet the press” type format? Having programs to only cater to one side or another does not meet my definition of balanced broadcasting. It is only an attempt to cater to both sides with shows that would enforce each of their biases. This would not make Fox any better than the others you consider ‘political hacks’.

          1. No, Fox News is the most sensible and certainly the most balanced compared to Leftist CNN and gonzo Leftist nut jobs at MSNDC. All news outlets print or broadcast carry an inherent bias, the part you’re missing is Fox coverers more topics and a ton more stories than everyone else. Their ratings numbers with more people across the broadest spectrum is a testament and validation of their success…

            1. Covering more topics when biased on one side or another, even when found on a single channel does not make any of it nor the channel it is found on ‘balanced’. It simply provides one place to see both biased sides on topics that may not overlap. In addition having a wide viewership does not necessarily mean the viewers watch the same programs. Maybe you can help “Some Dude” and provide a name to even one program on Fox News that has opposing sides discussing/debating the same topics. Take your time…

      1. Wrong.

        Nielsen MRI Fusion data shows that while Fox News, of course, draws a majority of the conservative audience on cable news (73%), Fox News actually commands a larger share of liberals in its audience than both CNN and MSNBC (39% tuning into Fox, with a near equal split between the latter: 31% to MSNBC, 30% to CNN).

        1. This is true of Fox News and has been for quite a while. After the “mainstream media” pushed Russia collusion, peaceful protests, everything is racist, “people on both sides”, Ukraine impeachment and other such nonsense where the facts don’t align with the narrative, you are going to lose reasonable people, no matter their political persuasion.

          And if Twitter accepts Elon Musk’s offer, the left side of the media aisle will lose its narrative control of a major purveyor of information sharing.

  3. CNN should request government assistance and then pay subscribers (not) to watch their content. If they pay me 5.99/month I will sign up for CNN+ and not watch their content.

  4. CNN in general is a steaming flop. Doesn’t matter if complicit social media companies are blasting what they say 24/7. This is the real reason Silicon Valley millennials are so perturbed – their alliance with the MSM is what is endangered, not the larger web. They are terrified of Elon because he represents an end to their complicit and total control. If you support this, you are absolutely supporting totalitarianism. As an actual grown adult, even a ‘conservative’ one that found Trump off-putting, you can ignore a moron like Trump and carry on with your life. As a woke millennial, you are clearly brain damaged/clinically anxious/possibly sociopathic, and cannot say the same. This is very difficult to explain to people that are actively mentally ill. And that is nothing new. I guess the only difference is that in the past, people that had this level of difficulty dealing with what most of us would term reality or the human experience would be in an institution, or under home care. I personally think that at least 85% of current, millennial, Silicon Valley big wigs probably fit that description. such a tragedy that the entire rest of the populated world do not share your very much individualized parent’s affections. Boo hoo.

  5. The difference between CNN and Fox News (beyond the obvious different tilts in political perspective) is that CNN isn’t as unabashedly biased as Fox. And, honestly, that’s not a good thing. At least Fox News is shameless.

    That said, too many people don’t know the difference between hard news and opinion-laden content.

    And the saddest thing of all — and I’m in the news business albeit on a small scale with weekly newspapers — there’s no market for straight up news. If there was, there’d be a profitable entity (or many) all over that. Face it, people naturally lean one way or another in how they view the world and they want that reinforced.

    I don’t blame Fox News or CNN as much as I blame human nature.

    1. “CNN isn’t as unabashedly biased as Fox” You can’t be serious saying that with a straight face. It is exactly the OPPOSITE.

      “Face it, people naturally lean one way or another in how they view the world and they want that reinforced.” No, partially wrong. 100% of the people are not programmed idiots only looking for validation of their views which immediately qualifies them as lazy party stooges.

      Most people yes, have their views, but are intellectually curious at the same time as their views are tested 24/7 with new information presented. This would explain why in some areas of the country voters switching parties from Democrat to Republican and new voters registering Republican are at all time highs. They figured it out on their own watching CNN & Fox News.

      Sad a most likely declining weekly newspaper thinks of its subscribers as helpless programmed sheeple… the arrogance of some Editors simply making excuses while covering their arse…

            1. Captain Obvious cannot speak for the legions of brainless stupid people that actually believe “The Onion.”

              Which brings me to a question. You have not said, do you in addition to liking “The Onion” believe it to be credible, or FAKE NEWS?

              Take your time, whenever you are ready…

            2. I hold The Onion on the same level as Seth Meyers and Tucker Carlson. All of which I watch for entertainment somewhat based on news but not news which I look for elsewhere primarily using Seekr to find them. What sources do you choose to use? Take your time, whenever you’re ready…

    1. Apple TV+ competitor for a limited number of streaming service subscription dollars.

      It’s not difficult, if you’re not a moron – plus, it’s even in MDN’s Take above:

      “Bottom line: One less subscription service means more SVOD subscription dollars available for Apple TV+ and others.”

      Learn how to read.

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