Ukrainian man deploys Apple’s ‘Find My’ app to trace Russian troops

Using Apple’s “Find My” app, a Ukrainian man has been able to track the redeployment of Russian troops to the east of the country via a pair of AirPods that were stolen from his home near Kyiv.

Ukrainian man deploys Apple's Find My app to trace Russian troops. Image: An explosion lights up the night sky over Kiev in the early hours of Thursday, as Russia launched an attack on Ukraine (Photo: The Daily Mail)
An explosion lights up the night sky over Kiev in the early hours of Thursday, February 24th, as Russia launched an attack on Ukraine (Photo: The Daily Mail)

George Grylls for The Times:

Vitaliy Semenets used the “Find My” feature available on Apple products to follow the progress of the stolen AirPods…

As Russian troops beat a hasty retreat from Kyiv this month, Semenets traced the devices as they crossed the border into Belarus, eventually ending up near the city of Gomel.

Last week the AirPods had reached Belgorod, a city in Russia where President Putin is massing his troops for an assault on the Donbas.

Semenets has posted updates of the AirPods’ journey on his Instagram page, even if he is unlikely to retrieve them. The Find My app can trace devices if they connect to the internet, or if they come close enough to other devices to connect via Bluetooth.

There have been numerous reports of Russian troops pillaging valuable goods from Ukrainian homes in what experts have said is a sign of the invading forces’ disorganization and lack of discipline… it was reported that a soldier had been killed in Irpin after he replaced his Kevlar body armour with a MacBook laptop computer.

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  1. Then how come the Russians just took over AZOV’s official Telegram?

    When the reporting is as one sided as it is with this Ukraine-Russia BS that I couldn’t give a rats ass about keeping Ukraine the personal ATM of asshole US politicians kids, the likes of Biden, Pelosi, Kerry, & Romney, who all have children working for Ukrainian gas companies. Just don’t be shocked if Ukraine sues for peace and then ask, but Ukraine was doing so well against the Russians, just look at all the positive press.

    Only then will you realize you have been jerked off by the US Masturbating Media.

    1. Man, thank god Russian bots are active on this forum. Otherwise we would have to watch Fox News to see what kind of crap the Russian propagandists are spewing out these days. (And no, Tucker Carlson’s bizarre homoerotic manly fantasy film isn’t enough distraction for us to remember that the GQP gets huge funding from Putin via the NRA.)

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