Ming-Chi Kuo: No new Mac Pro, iMac Pro, or high-end Mac mini until 2023

Updating a previous prediction he made prior to Apple’s spring event earlier this week, uber-analyst Ming-Chi Kuo tweeted on Friday that Apple will not launch a new high-end Mac mini until 2023, the same as for the Apple silicon ‌Mac Pro‌ and ‌iMac‌ Pro.

Ming-Chi Kuo: No new Mac Pro, iMac Pro, or high-end Mac mini until 2023. Image: New Mac mini design renders (Image: Jon Prosser and RendersByIan)
New Mac mini design renders (Image: Jon Prosser and RendersByIan)

Tim Hardwick for MacRumors:

Last weekend, Kuo outlined his predictions for Apple’s Mac lineup in 2022 and 2023, claiming that Apple plans to release a new high-end ‌Mac mini‌ and a 27-inch external display without mini-LED in 2022, while an Apple silicon ‌Mac Pro‌ and ‌iMac‌ Pro will not launch until 2023.

Today, however, Kuo issued an update to his original tweet to underline that he now believes Apple will launch all of these products no earlier than next year.

The updated model could see Apple introduce M2 and M2 Pro chips. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman also tweeted on Tuesday that Apple has M2 versions of the 13-inch MacBook Pro, 24-inch ‌iMac‌, and ‌Mac mini‌ in development.

Prior rumors suggested a future ‌Mac mini‌ could get a redesign with a smaller chassis, a plexiglass like top, and two-tone color options.

MacDailyNews Note: Testing on the ‌M2‌ is already in process as evidenced by Apple’s testing of the chip on machines running betas of macOS 12.3, macOS 12.4, and macOS 13.

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    1. The four instantiations will certainly not all ship in quantity at the same time. M2 and M2 Pro might ship at the same time followed by M2 Max and M2 Ultra within six months after that. It is even possible that M2 ships then 3 months or so later M2 Pro and M2 Max ship then 3 or more months later the M2 Ultra ships.

      In any condition, with Ming-Chi Quo

  1. Here’s to hoping the base MBP (AKA the cheapest way to get more than two ports on an Apple laptop) will be updated this year. I don’t need the amazing and expensive MBPs, and it shouldn’t cost $2k to get more than one power port and one USB port on a machine.

  2. There won’t be an iMac “Pro” again because Apple wants to point “iMac” back to where it started, as the best consumer desktop. That doesn’t mean it’s low-end or low-performance. There will probably be a big iMac again after transition completes. Professionals can certainly use iMac for their work, but it won’t target “pro” users like the more versatile Mac Studio and next Mac Pro, where users can select from a wide range of performance levels and pick their displays, to meet their diverse needs.

    And the “pro” version of Mac mini is already here. It’s called Mac Studio.

    1. I am interested in a Studio Display larger than 27 inches that costs less than five grand. I think many people buying a Mac Studio with the Ultra want something bigger than 27 inches.

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