New low-cost Apple 5G iPhone SE’s prediction for Android: Pain.

Alongside a new version of the iPad Air and a high-end Mac Mini at the even, Apple is expected to unveil a new low-cost iPhone SE – $399 or less – with 5G capabilities at its “Peek Performance” product launch event on Tuesday. Such a capable smartphone – a real iPhone – at such a low price could case Android phone peddlers much pain.

Apple's powerful iPhone SE starts at just US$399
Apple’s iPhone SE (2020)

Danielle Kaye and Nivedita Balu for Reuters:

CFRA Research analyst Angelo Zino said Apple could attract more price-sensitive consumers if the price remains the same for the new version.

“It could potentially provide upside to our unit iPhone estimate for 2022 if they keep that price point unchanged,” Zino said. “The iPhone SE really caters well to a lot of first-time buyers on the iPhone ecosystem that may be younger individuals, where their parents are going out there buying that device.”

Zino said he does not anticipate services or accessories launches at the Tuesday event, though an unexpected announcement in the services sector is still possible.

MacDailyNews Take: You knew this was coming:

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    1. The SE is basically an iPhone 7 with current CPU and mobile chipsets. Good value, but Android makers will have no trouble offering reasonable alternatives at an equal price.

      TouchID and lack of ugly notch however makes it the preferred iPhone by far. This year, it’s exactly what Apple needed to release. Nobody in their right mind needs another overpriced FaceID multicamera notched status symbol.

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