Next-gen Wi-Fi 7 promises 40Gbps real-world speed

Even as networking devices with Wi-Fi 6 become widely available and relatively affordable, connectivity companies are already forging ahead with Wi-Fi 7 in their products and services.

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Ivan Mehta for TNW:

This new standard — currently known as 802.11be —focuses on Extremely High-Throughput (EHT) that can aid real-time apps with high data speeds. The IEEE working group said it’ll help services in virtual reality, augmented reality, gaming, and remote working.

Wi-Fi 6 is the standard current standard present in many routers that support 9.6Gbps data transfer speeds — as compared to 3.5Gbps of Wi-Fi 5 — and higher throughput. While Wi-Fi 6E is largely based on the Wi-Fi 6 standard, it brings support for the 6 GHz spectrum, and high-bandwidth channels to cater to more devices on a single high-speed network.

Wi-Fi 6 vs. Wi-Fi 7

• Data transfer speed: 9.6Gbps vs. 46Gbps (approx; real-life figures will likely reach around 40Gbps)
• Channel bandwidth: 160MHz vs. 320MHz
• Number of full-bandwidth channels: 7 vs. 6
• Spatial streams for multi-user MIMO: 8 vs. 16
• Data transmission: 1024-QAM vs. 4096-QAM

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  1. Speed is good, but knowing what is buys you is tricky. Increasing Data Transfer Speeds from 9.5 Gbps to 40Gbps sounds like a big thing. And it may be at work or school if you work/school has a big ole pipe. In my area, my school district only has a 5Gbps fiber line to our ISP, the county office of education. The county has a 40Gbps pipe to its provider. So in my district, WiFi 7 offers no Data Transfer Speed increase. It may help reduce collisions.
    WiFi 7 for the home market is even less needed. What percentage of homes have bandwidth in excess of 1Gbps?

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