Apple’s next-gen iPad Pro may sport large glass Apple logo on rear casing for fast MagSafe charging

Apple’s next-gen iPad Pro may eschew the all-aluminum rear casing and instead feature a larger glass Apple logo, not just for branding, by to allow for fast MagSafe charging.

The M1 chip and 5G speeds enable the current iPad Pro to push the limits of what’s possible on iPad.
The M1 chip and 5G speeds enable the current iPad Pro to push the limits of what’s possible on iPad.

Filipe Espósito for 9to5Mac:

Previous rumors suggested that the company had been experimenting with new designs with a glass back and wireless charging. While the company still wants to bring MagSafe to the 2022 iPad Pro, 9to5Mac has learned that the rumored glass design may have been scrapped.

Sources familiar with Apple’s design plans told 9to5Mac that the company was uncertain about using glass on the back of the iPad since it is easier to damage and would make the product much more fragile…

According to our sources, the company has developed iPad Pro prototypes with a larger Apple logo (similar to the one on the new MacBook Pro), but this one is made of glass. As a result, power would be transmitted through the glass logo. The prototype also has stronger magnets to prevent accidents, and it supports charges at faster speeds than MagSafe for iPhone.

MacDailyNews Take: Bring on the 6th generation iPad Pro family, powered by Apple’s forthcoming M2 chipset!

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  1. My Magic Keyboard already serves as a Magsafe-style charger for my iPad Pro. Given its size it makes more sense to charge it on a “dock” like this than with a puck, but we’ll see what Apple does.

  2. It’s going to have to do a lot more. I LOVE the damn thing but most people only use them for content viewing. Even I can’t justify them anymore. My primary argument is that I enjoy using the iPad and that flops in the face of a $1200 MacBook AIR. The iPad Pro is a great computer but compared to the Mac, its awkward in the eyes of many.

    The iPad needs multiuser support, full blown external monitor support, and a File system people can understand at a glance to begin with.

  3. iPad Pro comes with a Pro price and that’s about it!
    There are no Pro apps,still using it just like my 2018 IPad .
    If Apple doesn’t do anything with it then this will be my last one for a very long time.

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