Apple’s iPhone SE to get 5G retain current design with Home button

Apple’s next-gen iPhone SE, the third generation, expected to arrive this spring will get 5G connectivity, but retain the current exterior design along with the antiquated Home button.

iPhone SE (2020)
Apple’s iPhone SE (2020)

Mike Peterson for AppleInsider:

An overhauled iPhone SE with a design similar to the iPhone 11 won’t arrive until 2024, a leaker claims, and an incrementally updated iPhone SE in 2022 won’t feature any major design changes.

Leaker DylanDKT, who has a good track record of accurate information, updated a rumor about the upcoming iPhone SE models on Thursday. According to the leaker, the 2022 iPhone SE will feature “5G, a spec bump, and the same design as the 2020 model.”

MacDailyNews Take: Well, it seems we’ll have to wait for 2024, at least, to finally see the iOS-interrupting Home button go the way of the dodo, some seven years after the modern iPhone paradigm arrived with Apple’s seminal iPhone X.

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  1. Good news, if true. The Home Button is also on the current most popular iPad (and iPod touch). The one on SE is solid state, a seamless spot on casing that responds to pressure with haptics (not moving). It also provides convenient location for Touch ID. The button is more intuitive. You don’t have to tell a novice to “swipe up from bottom of screen to return to Home Screen”; they’ll just press the button to get going because it’s obvious. Having the button there also provides “handles” (above and below screen) to make holding device easier and more secure without touching or blocking screen. The larger iPads need them. I have two iPads (iPad mini 5 and 10.5-inch iPad Pro) with Home Button, and they have the Swipe Up gesture. But I keep using the button.

    The rumor bit about the FOLLOWING one being like iPhone 11 but smaller screen is probably untrue. The SE is the “special edition” of an existing successful design, with updated specs. If you change screen size and add Touch ID on power button (instead of Face ID), that’s a new iPhone design. There’s no cost savings in development, testing, and manufacturing. Apple may do it, but it won’t be called iPhone SE. My guess for the following SE model is current iPhone 13 mini. It stays in lineup for 2022 and 2023. Apple then updates its specs (same design otherwise) and it’s the iPhone SE for Spring 2024.

  2. I actually prefer the home button and the small size of the SE. I’m happy because I’m due for an SE upgrade next year and losing the button was a fear. The button is easy, quick, and isn’t frustrated by face masks. Thank you Apple for leaving the home button in on something.

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