Analyst: Record iPhone sales for Apple in 2021 holiday season

Wedbush Securities analyst Daniel Ives believes Apple posted record iPhone sales in the in 2021 holiday season, is well-positioned to benefit from strong iPhone demand, and is likely to unveil a new mixed reality headset this summer, likely at WWDC 2022 in June.

iPhone 13 Pro and flagship iPhone 13 Pro Max is available in four stunning finishes including graphite, gold, silver, and sierra blue.
iPhone 13 Pro and flagship iPhone 13 Pro Max is available in four stunning finishes including graphite, gold, silver, and sierra blue.

Mike Peterson for AppleInsider:

Wedbush analyst Daniel Ives writes that recent supply chain checks have led him to believe that Apple is seeing demand outstrip supply by about 12 million units in the December quarter.

Despite the chip shortage, Ives believes that Apple sold north of 40 million iPhone models during the holiday season, which would set a record despite ongoing chip supply constraints. Heading into 2022, the analyst says iPhone 13 demand is greater than expected.

The analyst adds that new hardware like a mixed-reality headset could add at least $20 per share to his sum-of-the-parts valuation for Apple given the “massive market opportunity and tapping the broader metaverse ecosystem.”

MacDailyNews Note: Apple is once again knocking on the $3 trillion market value door, up 1.95% in Monday morning trading with a market value of $2.97 trillion.

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    1. Honestly, calling it vacuous is probably being kind. The correct adjective(s) for the unhinged Apple hate on these boards is a lot less nicer than “vacuous”.

    2. Well, well, the Cook serial sycophant UNASHAMED SUCK UP is relying on conflation and success by association while blind to reality.

      When your CEO of the world’s first three trillion company, every company on Earth is looking to making money off your fortune. This would happen if any executive at Apple were in charge, any CEO of Fortune 500 companies or Donald Duck.

      You throw out knee jerk Cook cheerleading praise OPINION, but NEVER articulate critical thinking reasons why. Obvious you cannot, you are intellectually deep as a birdbath.

      Apple is not the only company at record highs, certainly you missed that. The bottom line Apple and others are riding high at the two year mark of Covid waning and the world is sick of the most overhyped political pandemic in history.

      Got that bird brain?

      As many of us have been saying for years — Cook is Steve’s worst mistake. Need to move on from a talentless beancounter CEO to a creative genius…

      1. You’re the bird brain.

        Apple stock is at a record high because of the whims of the gamblers down at Wall Street.

        No doubt there are plenty creative geniuses at Apple currently, all working to create new products. The CEO simply needs to pull it all together.

        There won’t be another Steve Jobs for a long time. Why don’t you go away until one comes along?

    1. Telco A offers discounts on smartphone. Their revenue model is as such that the length of time a user has the phone and pays the monthly bill to Telco A is profitable. Telco B and C follow with their own “deals” due to consumers flocking to Telco A to get the “deal”. Rinse and repeat over the years with bigger “deals”. But now add in that Apple likely gives iPhone purchase discounts to Telcos for a certain lofty number of sales.

      It isn’t just iPhone, Apple sales are big. In about 24 days they will be reporting their biggest sales quarter in the history of the company, I’d be surprised if it comes in under 120 billion. This is relatively plain to see.

  1. Verizon, ATT, and TMobile all give trade in and other deals, but all charge for the phones on a monthly plan. ATT will give you up to $1000 dollars in bill credits depending on the phone you trade in, but you are still paying them monthly for the phone while this takes place. No companies give them away.

    In fact TMobile just got in trouble for false advertising when they did a bait and switch for the iPhone 13 recently. Advertisement mentioned some type of discount that they didn’t honor when people tried to use it.

    These companies don’t mind giving some decent discounts since they make their money back eventually when the vast majority of customers stick with them for 5 or more years.

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