Apple’s Universal Control won’t arrive in macOS Monterey until ‘this spring’

As spotted by the AppleSWUpdates Twitter account, Apple’s Universal Control feature has been delayed again, with the company’s website now updated to note that the drag-and-drop feature won’t be arriving until sometime “this spring.”

Mac users will be even more efficient with the powerful new tools in macOS Monterey.
Apple’s Universal Control won’t arrive in macOS Monterey until ‘this spring’

With Universal Control, users will be able to work with a single mouse and keyboard and move seamlessly between Mac and iPad. Users can place devices next to each other and instantly move the cursor from one device to the other — no setup required. They can use their Mac keyboard to type text on any device, or drag and drop content back and forth easily between devices. Users can even draw with Apple Pencil on iPad, and place their illustrations right into apps on their Mac, enjoying the powerful capabilities of all their devices at once.

Chaim Gartenberg for The Verge:

Apple had previously updated its website in October to indicate that Universal Control would be available “later this fall,” but with the official end of fall just a few days away, it seems that the company is no longer going to hit that estimate.

MacDailyNews Take: “This spring” has already sprung. See you next spring, Universal Control – maybe. Hopefully, at least, before macOS 13 Mammoth is unveiled next June. Don’t go the way of AirPower now, ya hear?

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  1. MDN says: “This spring” has already sprung.
    It’s mid-winter in the northern hemisphere where Apple is based. Granted, it is mid-summer in the southern hemisphere at present, so spring has indeed passed there already.

    Which planet do you live on?

    1. Spring 2021 has already sprung. When you say “this spring” it’s typically referring to the year we’re all in, in this case: 2021. Spring 2022 is “next spring.”

      Apple didn’t write “next spring” because the delay sounds even worse.

      Hope that helps clear it up for you.

      1. PS:
        When Apple said “this spring”, do you think they meant they would be releasing Universal Control in the spring that has just passed in 2021?

        Perhaps you should think twice before posting as a “FactChecker” ?

  2. Would be great if Apple would stop releasing betas as full releases. i would also personally appreciate it if they’d stop making workflow shattering gui and system changes between releases. It is getting very difficult to distinguish Apple from the other guys at this point. Though i know Apple can afford to throw money down the drain like the rest of us throw pennies into a wishing well, whoever it was that approved the ‘new’ Safari with browsing features that broke pretty much all usability conventions should have been fired yesterday.That this happens every year between iterations is probably unforgivable.

    1. Well said, not only am I not upgrading to Monterey for this reason, but I also have to be VERY careful about Safari updates that they’ve tried to push on us counter-revolutionaries who prefer an OS that actually operates.

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