Apple TV+ renews global hit series ‘Invasion’ for season two

Apple TV+ today announced a second season pick-up for “Invasion,” the moving, character-driven science-fiction drama series from Academy and Emmy Award nominee Simon Kinberg (“X-Men” films, “Deadpool” films, “The Martian”) and David Weil (“Hunters”). The news arrives ahead of the epic finale episode of season one, which will premiere globally this Friday, December 10, on Apple TV+.

“Invasion” premiered globally on October 22, 2021, exclusively on Apple TV+.
“Invasion” premiered globally on October 22, 2021, exclusively on Apple TV+.

Set across multiple continents, “Invasion” follows an alien invasion through different perspectives around the world. The series stars Golshifteh Farahani, Shamier Anderson, Shioli Kutsuna, Firas Nassar, Billy Barratt, Azhy Robertson, Tara Moayedi, Daisuke Tsuji and Sam Neill.

“I’m profoundly grateful to Apple for being so supportive every step of the way, and trusting us to make a deeply human, emotional alien invasion story. And most of all I’m thankful to our amazing fans, without whom we wouldn’t have this opportunity to continue the invasion. I’m super excited about what we’re planning for season two, expanding our universe in the most intimate and epic ways,” said series co-creator and executive producer Simon Kinberg in a statement.

“From day one, we have been hooked on this unique, engrossing and very human telling of an invasion story which deftly explores how the lives of different characters around the world are impacted when Earth is under siege,” said Matt Cherniss, head of programming for Apple TV+, in a statement. “It has been so rewarding to witness global audiences respond to the brilliant performances, the captivating mystery and the sweeping cinematic vision, not to mention some pretty terrifying alien intruders. We couldn’t be more excited for viewers to see what ‘Invasion’ creators David Weil and Simon Kinberg have in store for these characters — as well as our planet — in season two.”

“Invasion” season one is written and executive produced by Kinberg and Weil. Emmy Award nominee Jakob Verbruggen (“The Alienist,” “The Fall”) directs and serves as executive producer. Audrey Chon, Amy Kaufman and Elisa Ellis serve as executive producers alongside Andrew Baldwin, who also writes. Katie O’Connell Marsh serves as executive producer for Boat Rocker Studios.

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MacDailyNews Take: “Invasion” is an excellent series – highly recommended!
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    1. Wow I’m shocked there is the odd decent episode but mostly it truly gives SF B movies of the 50s a bad name. Poor acting, dreadful dialogue, plastic unconvincing characterisation, directing ponderously unconvincing, plot totally unoriginal and hell so slow and drawn out I fully expect real aliens to arrive before it’s all played out.

      A couple examples of laughable inconsistency or stark plot amateurism
      1) girl incredulously goes to hospital to find mum (despite not checking if she is at home while originally heading in that direction to do so) and while she is at hospital doesn’t even bother asking if anyone has seen her when she’s not at her work station.
      2) Army bod in protecting that girl and her friend the aliens are seeking kills one by releasing contents of gas bottle and setting light to it thus frying it. Yet whole armies of troops and anyone else who might be in the way whatever weapons the might have are eliminated by these aliens without scratching them. But why are all the numerous ‘fiery’ catalogues of weaponry available to the worlds armed forces not apparently effective against them, hey don’t we deserve an explanation? Hey good job the Aliens didn’t invade in WW2 when flame throwers were all the rage eh. Tell you what mind I’ve learned an awful lot about black holes … if only in scripts.

      Jeez and this rubbish was created by award winning talent? Well maybe it improves as presumably ‘big name’ Sam Neal, having done his pr job to get us watching early on will have to make a return sometime, it’s the only thing that keeps me intrigued if only wondering if I was actually watching him in something else entirely or he was locked away under covid regulations somewhere.

      The only thing that’s been awful so far mind, hell even Physical which seems to have been abandoned like it’s a mistake never to be mentioned again and barely searchable on the app is rather entertaining.

  1. I agree with all the previous comments (which almost never happens to me at MDN).

    There may be a decent movie buried within these 10 episodes — or a four-hour miniseries at most — but this series just drags on and on and on. And on and on and on. You get my point.

    It’s the only time I wished television had the option to run episodes at 1.5x or 2x speed — just like podcasts do. After five episodes and maybe 10 seconds of actual “invasion”, I was going to give up, but I’m watching all the way just to see what they hell they were holding back.

    Don’t think I’m going to stick around for another whole season of this snooze-fest.

  2. The posters above want to see aliens, laser beams, alien ships flying around, etc.

    Typical Star Wars-infected expectations.

    “Invasion” is not that kind of Sci-Fi series. It’s much smarter.

    If you want a bunch of aliens and CG, go watch “The Mandalorian.”

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