Apple could still be the world’s most valuable company for the next decade and beyond

In this segment of “Backstage Pass,” Motley Fool contributor Rachel Warren explains why she thinks that Apple will still be the world’s most valuable company in the next decade and beyond.

Apple Park in Cupertino, California
Apple Park in Cupertino, California

Rachel Warren for The Motley Fool:

I found some interesting statistics about Apple that just put into context, what a massive company this already is, but just also it’s ongoing growth potential. I found this really interesting article that was comparing Apple’s market capitalization to the size of the global economies. Essentially if Apple’s market cap was to be correlated to a country’s annual GDP, Apple might just be in the G7.

This was this article I found by Visual Capitalist just earlier this summer. Apple’s market cap has grown since then. But what was still interesting was at the time, Apple had a market cap sitting around $2.1 trillion. According to the data here, its market cap was greater than the annual GDP of countries ranging from Italy, Brazil, to Canada, Russia, and Australia. [laughs] When you put it in context like that, it kind of blows my mind just what a massive foothold this company has.

MacDailyNews Take: To infinity and beyond!

Even near an all-time high, the case can be made convincingly that Apple is woefully undervalued.

We’re not sure that most analysts or investors can really wrap their minds around the vast amounts of money that the machine that Steve Jobs built has generated, is generating, and is capable of generating going forward. — MacDailyNews, May 3, 2018 (on which day, Apple closed at $42.47 (price adjusted for splits)).

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  1. Apple 20 years ago was a risky play, and AAPL stayed volatile for a long time. Quite recently, it became a “safety” play, with many ways to stay profitable during uncertain times. That’s why it will remain at the top. It provides a high level of certainty.

      1. I can afford a new MacBook Pro, if I wanted a new one.
        I can afford a new iPad if I wanted a new one.
        I can afford a new iPhone if I wanted a new one.
        I can afford a new Watch if I wanted a new one.

        But there is no way in hell that I can afford a new Tesla.

        Apple will be doing just fine, regardless of how Tesla is doing.

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