Apple CEO Tim Cook signed secret $275+ billion deal with China in 2016

The Information on Tuesday reports that Apple CEO Tim Cook signed a secret $275+ billion deal with China, promising that Apple would help to develop China’s economic and technological capabilities.

Apple CEO Tim Cook (Photo: Getty Images)
Apple CEO Tim Cook (Photo: Getty Images)

Hartley Charlton for MacRumors:

The Information revealed that ‌Tim Cook‌ personally forged a five-year agreement with the Chinese government during a series of in-person visits to the country in 2016…

Alleged internal documents show that Cook “personally lobbied officials” in China over threats made against Apple Pay, iCloud, and the App Store. Cook set out to use a “memorandum of understanding” between Apple and a powerful Chinese government agency called the National Development and Reform Commission to formally agree to a number of concessions in return for regulatory exemptions…

In May 2016, Cook announced that Apple would be investing $1 billion in the Chinese ride-hailing startup Didi Chuxing in a pointed attempt to mollify authorities, the report added. Shortly after, Cook, Apple Chief Operating Officer Jeff Williams, and government affairs head Lisa Jackson met with senior government officials in Zhongnanhai, the central headquarters of the Communist Party of China.

Cook’s negotiations led to the successful signing of the multibillion-dollar agreement, quashing a number of regulatory actions against the company with exemptions and enabling access to the Chinese market…

MacDailyNews Take: When we call Tim Cook a sanctimonious hypocrite, we’re not kidding.

Tim Cook is a weak, morally-bankrupt disappointment who is all talk where it’s safe and no action where it matters. Tim Cook is a cowardly empty suit. Always has been.

Tim Cook is obviously not bad for shareholders (although it could’ve been better, perhaps far better), but ultimately bad for Apple’s brand.

If you dance with the devil, then you haven’t got a clue, for you think you’ll change the devil, but the devil changes you.J.M. Smith

Ever hopeful, we can’t wait for Apple’s next CEO.

Here’s a real hero to respect:

Athletes, so many actors, so many celebrities… are just scared to say a word because they care too much about their endorsement deals, their contract situations, their movies sales, but I feel like everything that they’re trying to get from the Chinese Communist Party is not more important than morals, values, and principles.

We need to be the voice of all of those innocent people out there who don’t have a voice… while we’re speaking [now], the genocide is happening. It’s so important to be the voice of all of those people in concentration camps – almost 2 million people… what they’re going through is heartbreaking.

So, I don’t care what you offer me. I don’t care. It is important to stand up for what’s right.

— Enes Kanter Freedom

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    1. And for all the dudes that get hard whenever Elon is mentioned, he fits neat and tidy in the Tim Cook, I Bend Over for China Club. Strong China sounds great to you, Elon, because it’s the nipple that’s feeding your own pockets at the expense of your own country. They aren’t just playing to be strong economically. F’g disgraceful.

      This is how/why capitalism is the best econ path, except when love for riches and greed (crony cap) infect its greatness…learned today, but not completely surprised with The Cook Report and Elon’s effusive and submissive, love for the CCP.

      1. Most (if not all) of you have never been to China. It is so the opposite of what people think. It is just like in the country here, where people still farm, and the cities are AMAZING! They don’t wear little grey suits! They have bullet trains(look it up), the cleanliness (not like NYC), and we ran into so many low wage workers who were so happy and we laughed, and but it was amazing. I thought China would be very different. Well, it is…but it is BETTER than the U.S. We have propaganda, too. But we got to see the people, to talk to them, had a lot of fun. We were all over Shanghai. The Bund, (a building) is an amazingly made structure, with lots of roundness. You can’t even imagine what it is like until you’ve been there. They had double doors on the outside of the subways and not littered with junk all over like NYC. People who have NOT traveled much, especially to China, have NO clue what it is like. And they didn’t run around wearing grey suits! There was even an impromptu “parade” with instruments, dancing, laughing. It is SOOOOOO different than those who have never been there. You’ll never go there because you think the stereotype is the truth. Well, no wonder China is taking over now. You have NO clue until you have been there. And we were all over the place! It is one of the most amazing cities we’ve ever seen (and I’ve been around the world to know). There is sooo much to see. And the people were really friendly, and lots of hand language ensued. But they were so friendly, fun, and totally blew my stereotype. And these were just regular people. And, yes, we’ve been other places there – such was Hong Kong on the other side of the country. My daughter went to school there for a year. It is very safe, too. Don’t tell me what you “think,” but rather what it IS. And many of them speak English. They are much farther ahead of us.

  1. Most of us assume that people are trying to be fair and honest. We never even consider if that new friend we just met is a decent and moral human being because most of us belief in the inherent goodness of man.

    However, there are individuals so different from the rest of the population that they may even represent a subspecies of humanity. These people behave most of the time like any normal human being. With one major exception, genuine and sincere feelings toward others are completely absent.

    Almost certainly, no one would stop and think if someone has a conscience or not, we trust every person around us is like everyone else. However, to have a conscience is more important than intelligence, race, or gender- and that is what differentiates these people from the rest of us- the terrible bareness in their psyche.

    Whether they are a corporate raider, bloodthirsty tyrant, ruthless social predator, a serial killer, or a lovely, innocent- looking social butterfly, these individuals have no conscience at all.

    In other words, they lack emotions, like love, kindness, compassion, remorse, and pity. Nevertheless, they pretend and impersonate those feelings, but theirs are superficial and false.

    — J.M. Smith. “If You Dance with the Devil…”

  2. 3 cheers to the poster above…..”Tim Cook certainly is a sanctimonious hypocrite” I think you could add A-hole as well…..Nice to know that one of the largest companies in the world would sell out to a country who sends train loads of their OWN Citizens to have their Organs “farmed” for their other citizens with the money to buy them! Of course their remains are burnt!

  3. Steve Jobs was an absolute genius, but he never had to deal with anything as complex as what Tim Cook is managing. Apple was a small company with a tiny product line under his watch. Apple today is infinitely more complicated, as is the environment they’re operating within – on both the supply chain side and the international markets they’re selling into (and in markets like China and India, where governments have used one as a carrot for the other).

    Tim Cook has been a business powerhouse, if perhaps not a dreamer.

    1. Steve did have to deal with the near-death of the company, and turned it around when other hotshot CEOs couldn’t.

      All credit to Tim on the operational side, but Steve had the foundation that counts – the products and retail chain – already in place.

  4. “Business powerhouse” (by numbers on the ledger), but achieved such in morally confused ways is a powerhouse of the degenerate, malfeasant and crony kind.

    This is the powerhouse-kind that believes and accepts the “end justifies the means,” or driven by the “whatever it takes” maxim. Both are leftist and bankrupt mindsets/motivations.

    Info has come out over the yrs that confirm Cook may be the worst of the crony type…polite, manicured and soft-spoken…perfectly disguising a double-tongue and double-mind.

    1. Both India and China demanded tech sector investments in order to gain access to their markets. (They do exactly the same in the automotive sector, where you can’t sell a sibgle car in China unless you partner directly with domestic manufacturers and hand over proprietary processes, IP, etc. – Buick and Audi are top brands over there today because of those arrangements.)

      I don’t like it, but that’s the way those countries operate. Apple is selling insanely huge numbers in India and China today thanks to the investments Apple is making under this “secret deal”. Any reasonably informed observer would have understood some arrangement like this deal was in place.

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